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Loon Choir & Fireworks on the water

Date #336 – Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A: We played the train game again but this time B’s dad didn’t play. He totally wanted to after we were 20 minutes in so he hopped on to B’s grandma’s turn and it was hilarious. I was dying of laughter. Had to be there, I think, unless the photo above is any indication. It was adorable.We headed to the Oshawa Canada Day festival – and how few photos we have! – to see B’s sister’s incredible band, Loon Choir, play the gazebo stage. It was lovely. Oshawa reminded me a lot of London. That is all.

Later, we went to the harbour and sat on the front of B’s parent’s sailboat to watch the fireworks. It was really sweet. I felt really lucky to share this memory with B. I keep thinking, “It’s crazy that I’m on a boat right now with a sexy man in some suburb of a huge city. How did I get here???” And then I remember that everything happens one step at a time and then all of a sudden you’re knee deep in all the good things.

B: This was a really great day. I’ve realized with holidays that it is important to keep things simple – surround yourself with people you love. I love watching my sister play with Loon Choir. She is and the band are really talented. Plus, we were on a lake and that is awesome.

Watching the fireworks with my parents and Grandparents was pretty great too. It was a triple date and that was kind of funny and nice. Watching the fireworks my Mom kept remarking at all the smoke and how beautiful it was. I kept saying how we were watching massive pollution.

I liked the moment and am really grateful for that, but do wish for a more environmentally friendly way to celebrate our Nation’s birth.

Swinging Life Away – literally!

Date #335 – Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A: Canada Day! We went to the beach/park with B’s family. It was so lovely. Until B and his sis were all, “Hey, you HAVE to go on this spiny park toy. It’s SO fun.” So I did. And it was AWFUL. You don’t even know (and never will because I made B delete the video). I couldn’t stop spinning and my feet didn’t reach the ground, and there was nothing for me to reach for to stop myself, so I freaked out. Literally. I was in a weird headspace from the night before and I know it was completely selfish and unfair of me to act the way I did. I was always really embarrassed which didn’t settle well in my stomach. It was an off day. And I feel so silly for not acting like a grown up, but I guess we all have these days every once in a while. I just… usually try to have them alone in my apartment and not in front of my boyfriend’s entire family. Hah.

B: I wrote about the whole “playground incident” in the last post so I won’t get in to that here. Instead, I will tell you about the awesome things that happened. We walked along this beautiful peer and we laughed and we all spent time together – A and I and most of my family.

My Grandparents have little arguments about a lot of things. They are both opinionated individuals and so they but heads. I think it is hilarious…despite feeling very awkward at times. A got to see this. What was best was that one of these arguments was going on when A and I asked my Grandparents to swing together so I could take a photo of them. My Grandfather pouted while my Grandmother pleaded. I saw A and I in that moment.

Eventually they got on the swings and had a great time. They laughed while I took pictures and forgot about their argument. It gave me hope that if you are willing to just stop and joke around for a moment, you can always come back to the person you love.

Family Matters

Date #316 – Monday, June 16, 2014

B: We woke up the next day in Whitby and worked on some random projects. I’m probably updating this blog in that photo (meta!).

We took the train back to Toronto and when we arrived A got some bad news about her family. It was the extreme shift from happy-times to crisis-times. A was so calm I didn’t know how bad things were. I simply asked “what do you need me to do?” I was ready to do anything.

Looking back I feel really lucky to have found that – someone who I don’t question dropping everything for. While crisis moments can really suck, they help you understand what is really important and what you really value.

A: B’s referring to my Grandmother’s health. She was diagnosed with Parkinson’s a couple years ago and, since moving to Toronto in 2011, I try my best to spend as much time with her as possible. When my grandfather passed, I was travelling and living around the world and never took the time to come home because I had so much hate for the city. I avoided it all together. I’m so close to home now that I’m making my grandmother a priority. I went to stay with her at her apartment for a couple days and I can’t even believe B’s response was, “Want me to go with you?” It warmed my heart. And my grandmother’s.

Father’s Day in Whitby

Date #315 – Sunday, June 15, 2014

B: I love my Dad. We used to have a pretty rocky relationship, but now we’re really close. You could say we have always been close, but I fought it hard when I was young. He is very adamant on family time and I admire how much love he has to share.

I’m happy he so willingly and joyfully shares that with A too. I know he was super happy that she came to Whitby to spend the day with us. We all went out on my parents sail boat and then played Ticket to Ride together. 

It was a really fun day and at the end my Dad kept going on about how we should do it again. I know A has a different relationship with her Father and I’m happy she can experience this new kind of relationship with my Dad. I read this amazing article she wrote and I learned so much more about her.

I am super grateful to have such a balanced male role-model in my life and I try to tell him that as much as possible.

A: I love B’s dad too. He’s fun and funny and is super creative so it’s neat to see him and B interact. He also has a wicked Irish accent and it makes me nostalgic for those travelling days and inspires me to get out there more. B’s family is very international, actually, and they’re incredibly active and busy people – fitness, music, food… They’re all very cultured and sweet about it.

B’s dad let me sail the boat then crawled to the other side and said he was having a nap. It was just B and I was all, “Aaaaaah!” but it was fine. I didn’t tip the boat!

(B linked to an article that I’ve temporarily put on hold due to some personal roadblocks – but it’ll be back soon!)

Whitby, work, and healing

Date #303 – Thursday, June 5, 2014

A: We spent the day in Whitby. B’s mom came in the night before to be there for B and we went home with her. It was good to have someone else there. It deinitely let me worry a little less about what could happen with B. You never know about the outcome of an accident until you know… You know? I don’t know. I distracted myself with freelance projects while B took baths and sat on heat packs. That’s what we did. All day.

B: A, my Mom and my older Sister all convinced me to go back to Whitby after the accident. On the way back (the night before) we picked up pizza from Panago and a bunch of other snacks that were unhealthy. Sometimes, when the adrenaline is running high from stress, you just want to keep eating high-glucose foods. It was fun to spend a night with A and my Mom. We watched Nashville on Netflix and I took a long epsom salt bath followed by an ice-cold shower. I also drank a lot of Vega’s Recovery Accelerator.

The next day was I took another one of these hot baths + cold showers. I woke up feeling better than I expected. I was moving slow and had little mobility, but I wasn’t in constant pain and that was good. We visited the doctor and A did a lot of work. I’m happy she was able to be productive, I was worried about that. I hate how these kinds of things can derail routine.

Playing house

Date #222 – Mar 14, 2014

A: B was in town so he picked me up and we went back to Whitby together. We stopped and got a pizza and then made it, ate it, and I fell asleep. I am SUCH great company!! I was tired from playing with the doggie. Sooooo cuuuuuuute.

But B made a fire and we chilled in the living room and watched Suits and ate pizza and chatted and pretended we were grown ups and it was really, really nice. It’s weird because I find their home so relaxing, and B feels completely different there. The way people feel in their homes is so interesting to me. I feel similar about my home as B does about his. It’s like you’re going back to a place where you spent so much time trying to figure life out. And life is hard to figure out.

B: It was fun hanging out with A. I was really excited to make a fire. I DO feel really weird in my house, like I can’t relax. Having a big TV, and a fire, and space is a nice change from our tiny apartments in the city. They are two very different worlds and I am grateful to experience both. I also ate 4 eggs and some grass-fed cheese from Ireland before eating the pizza. I was hungry.

A full day of Superbowl antics

Date #188 – Feb 2, 2014

B: Since I’ve been a young child I’ve hosted a Superbowl party at my Parents’ house. When I left for University in 2003 my Parents took over and started hosting the party. I’ve been to a few, and as often is the case with Superbowl parties and parties at parents’ houses, there is always a lot of food. Because A is a huge Packers fan I’ve been watching this NFL season more closely than ever before, and so I was very excited for this party.

One of the other thing my Parents do in addition to buying lots of food, is holding a fun game where we bet on everything from colour of the Gatorade to first scoring play. It was really adorable when my Dad passed-the-torch and asked A to make the betting board. When my Mom saw A’s artistic work she said, “I knew she’d do a good job.” It’s true. It was adorable watching her work. She took my iPad and looked up logos for both teams. She also made a new betting category – number of Tweets sent.

If you saw the game you know that the Seahawks schooled the Broncos. A and I were the only two people cheering for the Seahawks, so I was hooting-and-hollering a lot in the faces of some of my Parents’ more sports-minded friends. 

Oh, before the game my Mom got me to look at some issues going on with her 8-year-old Macbook. Working on my Parents’ computer can be stressful (maybe you can relate). They both are quite tech-savvy, but it still can stress me out. My Mom came and held my shoulders and said, “I don’t mean to get you worked up.” It was really sweet.

With the game, watching A and my Dad read the paper together, going to Costco to buy more food, and playing with my dog, everything felt like what a trip back to your childhood, suburbia home should be – the right mix of nostalgia, tension, laughter and learning.

A: Sometimes I feel like being with B is a dream that I will wake up from. He grew up with exactly what I’ve always wanted and I feel lucky to be able to latch on to all of this. Despite not being a jealous person, I get a little jealous of B’s family sometimes. 

Syracuse beats Duke in Overtime!

Date #187 – Feb 1, 2014

B: Can you tell who we were cheering for? My Mom and Grandfather are both Syracuse University alumni and so, when it comes to US College Basketball, the team I cheer for is set. (The fact that Syracuse has a great basketball team also helps)

After cross-country skiing (Date #186) we rushed home for the start of this major game between these two rivals. A got decked out in a bunch of my Mom’s SU gear and looked super adorable. I wore my Dad’s sweatshirt. We ordered food from my favourite burger joint growing up – Starr Burger – basically it’s the equivalent of that greasy diner spot that encompasses memories of your childhood. 

A and I got these massive veggie burgers, sweet potato fries, the best onion rings ever and a chocolate shake. It was a ridiculous cheat meal and I was so happy to share this part of my childhood with A.

Duke tied the game at the last second and it went in to overtime. Eventually Syracuse beat Duke 91-89. It was a nail-bitter and both my parents yelled at the screen a lot.

A: It was the best basketball game I’d ever seen. I used to watch games on TV when I played back in elementary school/high school but it’s honestly been YEARS since I’ve sat and watched. And back then I always watched alone. This was my first time watching b-ball with people who actually liked the sport.

B’s parents were hilarious and so unbelievable cute. Sitting there with B, his sister, and his parents made me feel like my parents totally ripped me off. I’ve never had a Saturday night in my LIFE, until this one, that I felt like “this” actually happens. Like “real” families exist. Families who love each other, who aren’t divorced, full of insecurities or fights, who know how to laugh and enjoy themselves, who have a mutual interest, who welcome other people into their home… and who are happy. They all spent a night together and nothing ridiculously negative happened. It was kind of awesome. I mean, my family is like that, too, I guess, but not in the same way. (I love you so much, mom, if you’re reading this! Ah. Digging a hole. All I mean is that my parents are divorced and I’m an only child so this never would have happened anyway.)

But, referring to date #186, I don’t know if you’ve ever had total body moments where you KNOW you’re having fun but you’re STILL angry or peeved… It was an awesome night but I was still in a bad mood. Unbelievable!

Can I add totally self-consciously that I have ridiculous snow suit hair in this picture? Boooo.

Family visits – Date #133 – November 28/29, 2013

A: We drove to London after the game to have visits with my mom then from London to my Grandma’s for a visit, then from there to Whitby for a visit with Brian’s family. It was a whirlwind, though quite relaxing and nice. I got to ride the Go Train for the first time, back from Whitby to Toronto. It wasn’t as awesome as I thought it would be. We mostly took photos of our reflection in the window and then it was over. Wham-bam-thank-you-m’am.

B: I was nervous about visiting London. Woried that I’d be bored or uncomfortable or for some other reason I can’t define. I don’t know where all my worries come from. In London I got to play cards with A’s Mom and it was great. Her cousin came over and I felt like I connected with her more than I have in the past. The next day we hung out with A’s Grandmother and also had a blast there. She asked a lot about my sisters and it was fun talking about them. 

The visit at my family’s house was short-lived. My parents asked us a million questions about our trip and I showed them some photos on the TV…all in about 10 minutes. We ate giant pieces of pie and then my sister drove us to the train. The drive was kind of terrifying both because my sister was in a rush and because she can be an aggressive driver. We arrived alive though.

Thanksgiving in Whitby & Halloween Haunt! – Date #90  – Oct 13, 2013

A: Of course I was nervous for this too. Doesn’t everyone want their partner’s family to like them? Thankfully, I think I’m okay here. We had an epic dinner (I admire people who know how to cook) and a fun and rain-free eve at Canada’s Wonderland’s Halloween Haunt. B has an incredible family; so unique, talented, and funny. The weekend went by so quickly though! I wish it would last forever.

B: I was so excited for this weekend. I think my entire family really likes A and I know my parents and two sisters were just as jazzed as us for Halloween Haunt. My Mom undersold the dinner but it was really amazing. We had vegan cutlets, a tone of stuffing, parsnips, two pies, and more! 

Sometimes family gatherings can be stressful, and my family is so high energy and communicative that things can get high-strung pretty quickly. But, on the drive everyone joked and the worries went away. Between the rides, the ghouls, and various haunted houses/mazes we all had a blast and got super scared.