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Recovery Day 7 – Walking, shopping, working

Date #357 – Saturday, July 26, 2014

A: Finding things that don’t require me to stare at a screen are great – so we went for a walk. A photo walk; sauntering around Church-Wellesly Village and over to some bookstores on Yonge. I also got a bunch of M&Ms because there was a promo code inside to get 2 free movie tickets. Worth it!

Spending time in the bookstore was awesome. B and I picked up a couple books – I got some pulpy syfy from the 40’s and another Bradbury book which was recommended. B got a haiku book and a Richter coffee table book. I smiled like a goof when he told me his book choices. He’s basically a dream of mine. I mean, a haiku book. Swoon.

B: A adorably worked out the cost of these bags of M &Ms and how many you would have to buy to get the 2 movie ticket deal vs the cost of 2 movie tickets and determined it was worth buying the M&Ms. I was worried about all the sugar and also that A can’t eat M&Ms because of her teeth being broken…which meant I would probably eat them all.

We went though and she was super happy. It was cute.

I love being in bookstores. I love being surrounded by all that knowledge. I can’t wait to have my own book of poetry in there. It terrifies me and that means I must do it. I bought a book of Haikus by Masaoka Shiki (I think) and I book of paintings from Gerhardt Richter (one of my favourites).

Chilly Billy Snowy Walkie Talkie – Date #147 – December 17, 2013

A: Imagine I spoke like I wrote the title of this date? Ugh. Baby talk angers me but I like to rhyme. There’s a fine balance. 

B and I had a nice walk in the snow. There’s a lot of it. And the coffee was delicious. Pilot’s Elevens. Thanks B, for getting me addicted. I can’t believe I’m drinking black coffee. Get outta here, I would have said….6 months ago. Maybe even 3 months ago.

I love snow and winter wonderlands. And Queen’s Park in the morning when there’s a nice blanket of 3 feet on either side of the path. And the older man that takes walks every morning. I look for him now, hobbling along. I want to be his cheerleader, but he’s already so awesome, he probably doesn’t need one.

B: I’d love to take FULL credit for A’s coffee palette, but all I really did was show her why I love coffee so much and she did the rest. I like talking about tastes and preferences and critiquing anything that requires craft (i.e. coffee, film, painting). 

I’ve seen this old man on separate occasions too and felt similarly to A – he is so awesome and inspiring. I waved as our paths crossed with a big grin and he returned one that was even bigger and more awesome.