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Recovery Day 7 – Walking, shopping, working

Date #357 – Saturday, July 26, 2014

A: Finding things that don’t require me to stare at a screen are great – so we went for a walk. A photo walk; sauntering around Church-Wellesly Village and over to some bookstores on Yonge. I also got a bunch of M&Ms because there was a promo code inside to get 2 free movie tickets. Worth it!

Spending time in the bookstore was awesome. B and I picked up a couple books – I got some pulpy syfy from the 40’s and another Bradbury book which was recommended. B got a haiku book and a Richter coffee table book. I smiled like a goof when he told me his book choices. He’s basically a dream of mine. I mean, a haiku book. Swoon.

B: A adorably worked out the cost of these bags of M &Ms and how many you would have to buy to get the 2 movie ticket deal vs the cost of 2 movie tickets and determined it was worth buying the M&Ms. I was worried about all the sugar and also that A can’t eat M&Ms because of her teeth being broken…which meant I would probably eat them all.

We went though and she was super happy. It was cute.

I love being in bookstores. I love being surrounded by all that knowledge. I can’t wait to have my own book of poetry in there. It terrifies me and that means I must do it. I bought a book of Haikus by Masaoka Shiki (I think) and I book of paintings from Gerhardt Richter (one of my favourites).

Halloween Bday – Date #109 – October 31, 2013

A: It was really sweet to have the two most important people to me so nearby on my birthday. We were unpacking, hanging around, and working on our short stories when, after midnight, I said, “Let’s go get a drink at the bar.” Not knowing Church Street would be so hectic, it turned out to be hilarious and fun. And emotional. I think we three were all overwhelmed and overstimulated in similar and different ways, all at once. But that’s besides the point (right??). I ended up doing polar bear shots x 3 each with my mom at 1:09am – the minute I was deemed as “born.” Funny. 

B: I was working a lot on different art things this day. I was exhausted from the move the day before and had to take the train from my parents’ back in to the city. When A and her mom picked me up I was still very much in my own head. I stayed that way for the entire night. When I get this way I worry people will think I’m being rude, so I try to tell them that I have lots of work to do. I’m not sure if they understand though and I worry, especially when that person is your partner’s Mom. Luckily I dressed up as Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation, and being quiet and grumpy is in character.

Oh, walking on Church St. (the Village) during Halloween is amazing. There is a parade earlier and everyone there goes all out.