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Guardians Let Down + Deliver Us From Evil

Date #342 – Monday, July 7, 2014

A: I got intel on a preview of Guardians of the Galaxy and found out how to get tickets. I went two hours early, B meeting me there, only to find out that it was a 17 minute preview of the scene – and we didn’t even like it. I was so many. I hated that we wasted so much time there and no one even said once it was only 17 minutes. Multiple people were confused, too. Well I wrote IMAX later and complaint that their wording was off. The ticket read: Guardians of the Galaxy – first look with an exclusive 17 minutes of footage. What do you think?

IMAX ended up compensating us with two tickets which was really nice. We also went to see Deliver Us From Evil which I thought was funny. It was our first horror in the theatre (and second overall). When we first met I asked B if he liked horror movies and he said yes. I was stoked to have a buddy to get scared with! ……but every time I suggest a horror movie B looks at like and says, “But that’s scary.” It’s adorable so I can’t get mad but, finally, we’re watching them! What should be our third??

B: I pay a lot of attention to customer service. I’ve worked for a lot of companies and I currently freelance in Media, so I really obsess over intended messages, audiences, and connecting with people.

I think Marvel Studios’ “preview” was a MASSIVE fail. I think it set the wrong expectation and, as a result, let a lot of people down. Also, they missed out on an opportunity to get a bunch of fans talking about the movie super-early.

But, it’s killing at the box-office and we were nicely reimbursed for our time so that’s all good.

What is more important is how A and I noted the one female character (and I include all background characters in this statement) we saw during our 17-minute scene. Yes, only ONE. It was an indicator of what I already suspected, a studio who in its ten releases has yet to release a film with a female lead, still doesn’t get it. Not having seen the entire film, I’ll leave you with a quote from this Salon review:

Gunn genuinely went out to create a film with “strong female characters” and was savvy enough to include a basic Bechdel pass. But then secure in the knowledge that he was meeting that goal, he failed to realize that jokes about prostitution and background characters like the Collector’s assistant and Peter Quill’s one-night-stands would serve to undermine those intentions.

OITNB Season 2 cont’d

Date #310 – Monday, June 9, 2014

A: I wrote two paragrpahs about this show and the internet deleted it do I am boycotting this date! I didn’t like OITNB orrrrr the ending. What a poorly mapped out season!

B: I completely agree with A. I actually kept saying “this scene is just people standing around talking.” The show lacked a forward drive, often just treading water, and then glossed over great plot-points or character moments (i.e. the return of Mendez was hugely dramatic and was over before it began). Also, I love this show for showcasing the complexity of female strength, vulnerability, and relationships. I think from its subject matter to diverse casting the show is a model for the direction TV and film needs to move in. That said, I was deeply upset and let down when, all of a sudden in episode 9, the word “Pussy” started showing up in the mouths of characters who never used it as a way to depict weakness. Beyond the misogyny of this word, it again is an example of truly inconsistent writing.

So often I watch great TV resort to stale, and demeaning writing in the face of what I can only think is a declining writing budget. I was hoping OITNB would avoid this. I was wrong.