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Day 6 of recovery – Harry Potter Audiobook!

Date #356 – Friday, July 25, 2014

A: My friend was sweet enough to hunt down a Harry Potter audiobook for me because I’m not supposed to read. Or… I wasn’t supposed to read. I can read now, but this audiobook is So. Amazing. I can’t even express how much I recommend Jim Dale anything now. He’s such a talented reader/actor. I don’t even know who he is. Let me search. Woaaah, he received 2 grammy nomination for HP audiobooks. He should’ve won. They’re amazing. B and I listened to the first three chapters with “oh yeahs” and “oh rights” as we recalled our memories. We’ve both read the books. I love Harry Potter. I always forget until I get sucked back in again.

B: I haven’t listened to an audio book in FOREVER! It was nice sitting in the dark listening with A. We were still keeping her away from screens as much as possible.

She’s a writer and writes on several TV shows and so this was really difficult. I felt bad but I wanted to make sure she healed as quick as possible to return to some of her writing contracts.

Earlier I forgot to mention that we were listening to calming wave and rain sounds this whole time. I got this app called Noisli. I realized that in addition to helping A, constant background noise keeps me extremely calm (or at least calmer than usual).

Anyways, this was the first time listening to non-ambient sounds and it was cool.

Hardball – Date #79 – September 28th, 2013

A: Friday’s moods spilled into Saturday, as I said, and instead of going apple picking together, I dropped B off at his place and went with a friend. I wanted him there, but we weren’t seeing straight. We’re both stubborn and heavy-hearted and were feeling pressures of outside influences that couldn’t be mended in the moment for some reason. I drove to his place after and we laughed despite feeling angry. We laughed about not being able to look at each other when we’re mad because we laugh when we look at each other. It’s a weird thing that makes everything seem okay and a lot less serious. I like it a lot. Except when I’m mad. Sometimes you just wanna rage!

We watched Hardball – that epic movie with Keanu Reeves and Diane Lane about teaching boys about baseball and friendship and teamwork and love. It’s basically the best and I’m stoked B liked it as much as I do. You should watch it if you need a serious motivational pick-me-up.

B: I think the blame for this equally lies on both our shoulders. Anyways, after A dropped me she got a parking ticket while getting coffee (which was a plan I suggested…wow that sounds bitter). the point is, I think it was the universe telling us not to be apart. all I did was lie in bed, covered in sheets, eat doughnuts and repeat in the voice of the little girl from Jurassic Park “she left us! SHE LEFT US!”

I think A was beating herself up because she couldn’t get me to shake the overwhelming that the weight of the world is on my shoulders. I was feeling so overwhelmed I couldn’t tell her that she tries harder than anyone else and that I’m the only one who can shake those feelings. I told her sometimes all I need is a hug, and that’s probably why I stayed wrapped in blankets.

Apparently the apple picking sucked and that really upset me. HOW CAN ANYONE MAKE APPLE PICKING SUCK?? Fie on those who created such a travesty. Hardball was good. It’s a feel-good movie and that’s what we needed.