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Day 3 of recovery – Mom & Supplements 

Date #353 – Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A: Day one of my momma talking care of me so B could go in to work. She was working too and set up her computer at my desk. I basically just sat there or napped. I tried to do a bunch of things and couldn’t. Felt like a huge failure……… especially since I was particularly awful at not doing anything. My mom kind of ignored me. But it was nice to have someone here so I wasn’t alone.

B was kind enough to speak to this incredible nutritionist for some advice regarding supplements. He even picked them all up for me and told me about each one. I really like the curcumin pill. Curcumin is the active ingredient in turmeric and is a powerful antioxidant.

B: I was really nervous about leaving A but really happy her Mom was there to look after her. I knew there were many things to consider when taking care of A, especially that A was to stay in a very restful, quiet state so she could recover. A also had a big list of supplements to take. I made her a schedule and put it on the wall. I tried to do as many things to help A not have to think so her brain could rest (essential for concussion recovery).

We spoke a few times on the phone and she told me how things were going. I could tell it was stressful and I knew this wasn’t good for A or her Mom. The situation WAS stressful. Recovery and injury is hard on everyone. A’s friend came over for a bit and I spoke to her as well. I’m so happy A has so many amazing people in her life.

I then spoke to A’s Mom a bit about how difficult this process of healing can be, not just for A but for the people closest to A. It was super scary for me and I can’t even imagine what A’s Mom or A felt.

I spoke to the nutritionist at my gym, Academy of Lions, Nathalie Niddam. She recommended Magnesium, Zinc, Vitamin B, D, C, and K as well as Curcummin (for inflammation), Wobenzym (for Bacteria), and E3 Live (which I love). I picked this all up and brought it to A.

When I got to her place she had received even more flowers and a MASSIVE nutritional pack from her old work filled with protein, chia and flax, and some other great stuff.

Again I was so overwhelmed and grateful for A’s support network and I felt way less stressed about her recovery.

Day 2 of recovery – Dizziness and flowers

Date #352 – Monday, July 21, 2014

A: This was the worst day. The worst. I opened my eyes in the morning to a world that was SPINNING. My room looked like those desert photos taken of the sky at night where the stars look like they’re circling us. It was scary. “What do I do!?” I said, grabbing B’s arm. He didn’t know! He said, “Does it feel better with your eyes open or closed!?” It was traumatizing. We made a little corner on the couch where I could sit up and rest. Every time I put my head back, the world spun, so that was my day. All I can say is that I’m so lucky B was there and that he graciously worked from home to stay with me. It was so scary!

B: There was no way I was going to leave A alone. She kept waking up in a panic and then going back to bed. It was kind of terrifying.

Thankfully things calmed down a bit and we chalked the dizziness up to the 1/2 Percoset she took the night before. These kind of side affects are a big reason I am not a fan of drugs.

As A calmed down we started to focus more on updating the people in her life about the accident. Her and I freelance and so when things like this happen you have to be proactive about letting people know. Her writing colleagues were super gracious and understanding about everything.

As the news spread the questions about the accident and well-wishes for a speedy recovery came in. As I read the messages to A I was overwhelmed. Above is a photo of the first of many bouquets that arrived.

Trip to the Kissing Bridge

Date #257 – Sunday April 13, 2014

B: This trip was totally amazing! It was our first trip as part of autoshare‘s #discoverON program. I didn’t feel nervous at all about this trip, just excited. We did a bunch of things which A describes below. This great clothing company, Frank & Oak, also sent me some clothes which were perfectly stylish and stretchy (which is important for adventures). I also made this slideshow: 

A: B picked The Kissing Bridge because he’s a romantic. I smiled inside when he titled our trip and told myself to feel lucky. I’m such a resister to PDA but he loves love and I admire that.

It was a lot of fun driving a hybrid car for the first time and getting out the city. We stopped at some decrepit barns and had a picnic in a park. We ate pie and found girl guide cookies. The girls selling them were hilarious.

“Can I get my picture with you?”

“Sure! Girls! Take your sweaters off. Our leader wouldn’t like that. AND THE PHONES. Get our phones off the table.”

It was hilarious. We got unpasteurized honey too, and made it back to town in time to drop our stuff off before the car was due. I’m SO PARANOID of being late. But we made it! I love this #discoverON program. I feel so lucky to be a part of it!

Take us out to the ball game! (again)

Date #253 – Wednesday April 9, 2014

B: I love going to the bluejays games with A. We have Season Passes, so we’ll go a lot. The experience is relaxing and invigorating at the same time. I made some Indian food and brought it to the game (yeah, you can bring food in) and met up with A. We ate while sitting on these picnic tables in the outfield, using our phones and occasionally watching the games.

We haven’t been to baseball games since the early days of our relationship, so there were a few flashbacks. I joked about how A was missing many plays for being on her phone. I didn’t mind though. We did talk a lot. Also, A expressed a desired to buy a Jays shirt and that made my heart melt. 

Oh yeah, the Jays won over Houston 7-3.

A: haha, made his heart melt. An interesting thing about this blog is that we learn MORE about each other and certain moments than we normally would.

Yes, I want a Jays shirt. But not a catchy one with jewel or a baby tee (gross). I also don’t want a t-shirt. It has to be nice. I am picky about these things.

The Jays game was fun. B said to me, “I’m trying to figure out why you being on your phone bothers me so much,” and then he joked about being jealous of it. I’ve been paying a lot of attention lately and have noticed how people are more on their devices than in the moment at events or gatherings and it is a strange movement. It makes sense because I know what I use mine for and assume everyone is using their phones relatively similarly… but from the outside looking in, it seems rude and distant. If I don’t think about it, though, then I don’t mind at all!! Funny how that happens……..

Late night work and some indulgence

Date #194 – Feb 8, 2014

A: We. Love. Pizza. It’s so delicious. Swoon. Thankfully we’re on the same page here. Our indulgences are hilarious to me. How similar we can be. I want it now, actually. Uh oh.

But this cafe in Kensington is amazing! Go there! They even let me eat a Big Fat Burrito in there! I love working at coffee shops with B because I feel like I’m getting shit done AND I get to stare at this one whenever I want so it’s the perfect work/distraction scenario.

B: Café Pamenar is awesome because it is open ‘till midnight, which means you can stay late and work. While working and reading I couldn’t help but overhear this group of four men talking about relationships. The one “loudmouth” of the group kept talking obnoxiously and telling his friend that he is “too sensitive” and “too honest.” He even said, “man, they thought you were gay.” In reference to attracting women he advised the same friend, you can’t care so much. I could tell the rest of his friends were ignoring most of what he said. 

I was planning to say something to the the friend receiving the advice, something along the lines of:

“When I met that women (point to A) I was telling myself to be myself. To be honest and sincere and as emotional as I am. I knew that if I was this way many people would say I’m ‘too much’. And they did, and things ended quickly. A lot of things ended by the first or second date. But then I met her (point to A again). And yeah, when things started it was tough. But we were honest and we knew how much we liked each other and we could tell things were real. And we didn’t waste our time and now I’ve found the love of my life.”

But then I heard him casually and confidently reply, “I’m not interested in those people.” It was a good response.

On our way back I wanted to indulge in some pizza after a long week of intense Crossfit workouts. A let me get a party pizza from Bitondo’s. We ate all but one slice watching the Olympics.

A: I didn’t “let” him get the pizza. I will always encourage pizza. Always.

Over-snacking at the Toronto Social Review Meeting

Date #191 – Feb 6, 2014

B: See that sock? It’s a monthly surprise I get because A signed me up for Foot Cardigan. Which is a sweet gift.

Tonight was the monthly staff meeting for Toronto Social Review and in addition to some exciting developments, there were lots of unhealthy snacks. I had just come from another grueling workout and definitely over-indulged (basically A and I ate ALL the mini chocolate bars).

Also, TSR will be launching a really amazing new website soon. We’ll be sure to let you know.

What I like about these meetings is that A and I have really similar professional and creative goals, yet think differently. I like hearing each of us express our opinions while also working professionally together. It’s another dynamic to our relationship.

A: I want those socks. THEY HAVE DIAMONDS ON THEM. #ShineBright. I might slip them onto my feet one day and take a pic and that will be our date pic.

And yep – ALL the chocolates. And chips. And popcorn. Oof. When will it warm up so I can go running again???

A night of Little Fiction and Big Truths.

Date #190 – Feb 5, 2014

A: I both like and strongly dislike going to readings. A great deal of the time, writers aren’t actors so their stories don’t translate as the potentially great stories that they are when the writer reading them is more nervous and/or out of their mind with nerves… or booze. I find them exhausting and they make me anxious, but I find myself going anyway because I get this strange wave of inspiration every time I go. With that said, I hadn’t been to one in a while because I haven’t hung out with writers since my days in Ottawa and in the writing community so it was a nostalgic reminder of my past, a dawning on my present, and new excitement for my future. It was nice to be there with B. He always keeps me calm.

B: My friend Andrew Sullivan was reading with three other authors at this event hosted by Little Fiction and Big Truths – a publisher in Toronto. Andrew’s latest collection of short stories, All We Want is Everything, was called a “Best Read” by The Globe and Mail. 

While I don’t go to readings often, I was impressed with some of the readings at this one and I think I’d like to go to more. What was hard about sitting there listening to people read (besides the mic sensitivity being up too high and hurting my plugged ears – COME ON PEOPLE!) was my desire to be up there reading. I was super proud of Andrew, and that was great, and I felt inspired.

I spoke to A about some of my artistic restlessness and mixed feelings of pride and admiration and also desire. I know the solution, and that is to stop whining and create as well.

Eat Your Dinner!

Date #181 – Jan 27, 2013

B: For the past week I was feeling very melancholic. I have no idea why, but this night it showed up in my lack of appetite. After A came over from yoga I made a delicious dinner of vegetables in hoisin sauce. 

As A sat at the table and ate (I think eating meals at a table is important) I played with my food like a child. A noticed and very sternly told me to eat my food. I played along and pouted. She said, eat your oranges and greens (broccoli and carrots) and I’ll eat the rest (mushrooms and onions). I pouted but obliged.

The whole thing must have been so hilarious to us we didn’t take a photo. Also, yes, this was the most interesting thing from the night. I blame our lack of interesting dates on this Polar Vortex!

A: YAWN. We’re SO BORING. That’s why YOU should SPICE it up for US. We’re looking for date ideas on V-day!

(Our night was so boring I am plugging a FUTURE date. Resourceful!)

CNE – Date #53 – August 28, 2013

B: OMG this was such a fantastic night. A came by after work and we headed right for the CNE – which, if prior to this date you were like me and had never been, is basically like a giant fair.

She was having a bit of a bad day and told me it was my job to make it better. It was really cute. I like knowing people’s expectations of me. I did a dance and tried to cheer her up (not sure if I did??) Later I was being really moody because crowds overwhelm me. A described our emotions kind of like a ladder where each person escalates the intensity. She showed me with her hands and it looked like a hilarious dance.

We rode rides, ate some deep fried foods, and A got trapped in the Fun House:

Later A sat on my lap on a bench and started falling asleep. Some person yelled, “GET A ROOM!” So we did!

A: Things that amuse me: amusement parks, B’s reactions to the ways I describe things like corresponding emotions, the spinning wheels in fun houses (see above), deep friend pickles (or deep friend anything not meat – let’s be real), people who assume someone taking a nap on someone else’s shoulder in public is inappropriate. But maybe that lady that yelled at us meant get a room as in, go to bed because I looked so tired? Positive thinking…lol.

Lunch + Pastries – Date #30 – July 15, 2013

B: after a full day in the sun A was feeling the effects of the heat. I visited her for lunch with a nice, cool salad filled with zucchini, carrots, sesame seeds, nutritional yeast and a homemade vinaigrette. it was enough to bring back her appetite and, despite her protests, I demanded that I retrieve her favourite Portuguese custards. I also brought carrots, coconut water, slices of cucumber and some Vega recovery drink. I got myself a custard too and a cream-filled doughnut! (not pictured because I selfishly ate it in my room later)

A: This is a horrible photo! That’s how I feel. I need to get us some more tarts to feel better about this ordeal (they’re sososososo good).