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Recovery Day 8 – B work work working

Date #358 – Sunday, July 27, 2014

A: B’s been working full-time for a couple weeks now and so I tried reading my book again while he worked. I also ate an ice cream sandwich for breakfast. B was so distracted by work, he didn’t even try to sell me on anything healthier. This is how busy he’s been! Me? Well, I got a concussion and basically stared at a wall for 7 days. But B took care of me so I love him and kept quiet while he caught up.

B: I remember the ice cream sandwiches and not much else. I know I was starting to feel really stressed.

I think A tried to do a few things herself and then needed my help and I was upset for being pulled away from my work. I always get upset when I’m focusing and then get distracted, it’s a reaction and not one I love.

There was a lot of stuff I wanted to finish working on and I know A needed my attention and I felt bad for feeling upset. It wasn’t me being upset with her but the situation. But I know I took this out on her…for which I feel sorry for.

A night of Little Fiction and Big Truths.

Date #190 – Feb 5, 2014

A: I both like and strongly dislike going to readings. A great deal of the time, writers aren’t actors so their stories don’t translate as the potentially great stories that they are when the writer reading them is more nervous and/or out of their mind with nerves… or booze. I find them exhausting and they make me anxious, but I find myself going anyway because I get this strange wave of inspiration every time I go. With that said, I hadn’t been to one in a while because I haven’t hung out with writers since my days in Ottawa and in the writing community so it was a nostalgic reminder of my past, a dawning on my present, and new excitement for my future. It was nice to be there with B. He always keeps me calm.

B: My friend Andrew Sullivan was reading with three other authors at this event hosted by Little Fiction and Big Truths – a publisher in Toronto. Andrew’s latest collection of short stories, All We Want is Everything, was called a “Best Read” by The Globe and Mail. 

While I don’t go to readings often, I was impressed with some of the readings at this one and I think I’d like to go to more. What was hard about sitting there listening to people read (besides the mic sensitivity being up too high and hurting my plugged ears – COME ON PEOPLE!) was my desire to be up there reading. I was super proud of Andrew, and that was great, and I felt inspired.

I spoke to A about some of my artistic restlessness and mixed feelings of pride and admiration and also desire. I know the solution, and that is to stop whining and create as well.

Paleo Baking and Fascial Stretching

Date #180 – Jan 26, 2014

A: We didn’t go outside ONCE all day Sunday. Thankfully, come about 9pm, we made cookies which sustained us until Monday. Oh gosh, these paleo cookies are good and filling. We doubled the recipe and used one cup almond meal and one cup buckwheat flour and they were so moist and non-crumbly (usually they’re quite crumbly due to only using almond meal). Easily my favourite cookies on the market right now, and incredibly easy to make.

B: The two most memorable things from this date are the cookies and the book on Fascia I finished. The cookies were great because they were Paleo but also because I tried buckwheat flour for the first time (Buckwheat is actually a seed). The flour is gooey and sticky, much more like the texture of All-Purpose Flour. 

The book I finished was a short, free eBook called Why Fascia Matters. I already knew Fascia (the connective tissue in our bodies) was important and a major factor in injury and recovery, but I didn’t know HOW important it is. I love learning about stretching and taking care of our bodies.

At one point I saw A get off her chair and start rolling around on the lacrosse ball I got her, that makes all my learning and sharing worthwhile.