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Day 1 of recovery – Research and Meeting the Dad

Date #351 – Sunday, July 20, 2014

A: I think it’s safe to say that I was in complete denial of my accident on day 2. We ordered pizza and read my concussion book. I had mini anxiety attacks over taking the wrong medication and B helped me do nearly everything. I felt guilty and dumb and helpless and frustrated and overwhelmed all day. I have no memory of how B must have felt. Pizza didn’t even help, although I tried to make it seem like it did. I don’t ever want to feel this way again. 

B: Concussions are scary. What do you do? Thankfully St. Michael’s Hospital has a great guide they gave us. Reading it really helped. I had a brain tumor many years ago and the effects of a concussion can be quite similar. I learned a lot about myself reading this book.

One of the scariest and most real things to accept is that after a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) a person’s personality can change. The other thing to accept is that the healing process can also be hard on the injured’s support network.

I tried to be as helpful to A as possible, knowing the first few days of recovery are the most important. Her arms were almost fully out of commission, she couldn’t read or look at screens, and eating was really hard. 

Slowly I sifted through her emails, only reading her the essential ones and responding to the amazing and caring people in A’s life. I read about what supplements A should take and I moved things and bathed her and tried to smile a lot.

Oh yeah! The day before I spoke with A’s Dad for the first time and today I met him for the first time. It all felt inconsequential in the larger picture. I thought it was nice how her Dad was willing to come visit A. I honestly didn’t expect him to even suggest that.

B completes CrossFit Open 14.4

Date #231 – Mar 23, 2014

B: The second-last workout of the CrossFit Open had me doing as much as possible in 14-minutes of a 60 calorie row, 50 toes-to-bar (see pic above), 40 wall-balls (squatting and throwing a 20lb ball at a 10ft target), 30 cleans (lifting a barball from ground to chest) at 135lbs, and 20 muscle-ups. I got to complete 2 cleans, a score of 152.

This workout was super tiring and while kind-of-smiling in the picture above, I felt like crying. Everyone at the gym was super supportive, especially A. She came with a book and read and wished me luck and took photos. Having her there is such a calming presence. 

I also helped coach some of my teammates to fantastic results, and filmed the workout of another athlete who has a chance of moving on to regionals (filming in a requirement). A said she feels comfortable at Academy of Lions and I like that. The people there are like family.

After I took a hot epsom-salt bath and cold shower. Then A and I ate a party-pizza from Bitondo’s and biked to her place. A great day.

A: I told B I didn’t think we should get pizza every Sunday and he looked at me and said, “Is that because YOU don’t want to eat pizza every Sunday?” I said yes. And then Sunday rolled around and I said, “We should definitely get pizza.” How could I EVER think I WOULDN’T want pizza? Oh, Andrea.

Well we get the pizza because B is so awesome and works so hard. This workout actually scared me a little but everyone did so well. Each week I want to try to do what they’re all doing more and more. I am very competative, but mostly in an “I see these people building strength and overcoming obstacles and supporting one another and pushing themselves hard and well and I want to be a part of that too.” It’s definitely good motivation.

Late night work and some indulgence

Date #194 – Feb 8, 2014

A: We. Love. Pizza. It’s so delicious. Swoon. Thankfully we’re on the same page here. Our indulgences are hilarious to me. How similar we can be. I want it now, actually. Uh oh.

But this cafe in Kensington is amazing! Go there! They even let me eat a Big Fat Burrito in there! I love working at coffee shops with B because I feel like I’m getting shit done AND I get to stare at this one whenever I want so it’s the perfect work/distraction scenario.

B: Café Pamenar is awesome because it is open ‘till midnight, which means you can stay late and work. While working and reading I couldn’t help but overhear this group of four men talking about relationships. The one “loudmouth” of the group kept talking obnoxiously and telling his friend that he is “too sensitive” and “too honest.” He even said, “man, they thought you were gay.” In reference to attracting women he advised the same friend, you can’t care so much. I could tell the rest of his friends were ignoring most of what he said. 

I was planning to say something to the the friend receiving the advice, something along the lines of:

“When I met that women (point to A) I was telling myself to be myself. To be honest and sincere and as emotional as I am. I knew that if I was this way many people would say I’m ‘too much’. And they did, and things ended quickly. A lot of things ended by the first or second date. But then I met her (point to A again). And yeah, when things started it was tough. But we were honest and we knew how much we liked each other and we could tell things were real. And we didn’t waste our time and now I’ve found the love of my life.”

But then I heard him casually and confidently reply, “I’m not interested in those people.” It was a good response.

On our way back I wanted to indulge in some pizza after a long week of intense Crossfit workouts. A let me get a party pizza from Bitondo’s. We ate all but one slice watching the Olympics.

A: I didn’t “let” him get the pizza. I will always encourage pizza. Always.

Rapp Battlez + Panzerottis – Date #172 – Jan 17, 2013

B: Another week another long evening in the studio at CBC. OK, that sounds more like ennui that intended. A was going to review a play for Toronto Social Review while I was working and I called her from the studio. While talking I felt awesome thinking, “we are one of those busy urban couples and I love what both of us are doing.” I also feel great when I’m in a studio behind a mic.

I knew A would be rushing to meet me at this hilarious comedy show our friends run, so I stopped at Bitondo’s for the best Panzerottis I’ve ever had. We sat outside eating them and chatting. It was this perfect balancing act of deliciousness.

Then we went into the show. To give you an idea, it is basically a comedic take on traditional Rap Battles. The two MCs (our friends Miguel and Freddy) bring up two rappers to face-off and then the crowd votes. But in this version everything is a spoof. So the hosts are kind of clueless and the rappers are some sort of charicature of historic figure. 

Things started with Steven Spielberg vs Martin Scorsesse, flinging insults about each other’s movies or various addictions. There was also a hilariously awkward Boys’ Puberty vs Girls’ Puberty (which essentially asked “who has it worse?” – Girls’ won)

It was awesome and, despite being extremely tired, we laughed a lot.

A: The street pizza was amazing. Best surprise. I want it now. I’m so glutenous. 

We met awesome people there and biked in the snow and laughed at the ridiculous talent and hilarity and slept like LOGS. Yawn. Is it nap time yet?

NYC Day 1 – Date #149 – December 20, 2013

A: Where do I begin?? I feel we should give credit to all the places we visited because they were amazing and I’d highly recommend them. How did we find them? We either stumbled across them or asked people who seemed to be in to the same things we were (meaning we basically asked the young folks working in all the coffee shops we hit up, or just took a chance and went in anyway).

Gregory’s Coffee gave me a free coffee for contributing to their snowflake collection. Big ups. My favourite part of Friday was the MoMA. It’s easily my favourite place to be in the world, other than snuggling to movies with my cats and B. (But that’s gross (Am I 8?) and no one needs to know that.) Being in the MoMA makes me feel alive and inspired and full of fresh new air. What you can learn about methods and art and history and culture and emotion is endless and I can not get enough of it. It’s THE reason I HAD to go to NYC. Taking B to see van Gogh’s Starry Night for the first time was captivating and special. I almost shed a few tears. That happens to me. I made sure we were able to stand in front of it without anyone in our way. It’s important to me to take a couple minutes in front of pieces that mean that much to you; staring into the painting or piece of art like it’s just you and it and no one else can break the bond you’re building. It melts me. It’s completely inexplicable, unless you know the feeling. It is then that I am truly happy.

Other (new) mentionables for me: Magritte’s Girl Eating a Bird and The Lovers, Seurat’s Channel of Gravelines, Ensor’s Tribulations of St. Anthony, Picasso’s Fanny Tellier, Boccioni’s Those Who Stay, Polke’s Untitled (from 1969), and Pryde’s Scale XVI. My love for the Warhols, Twomblys, Pollocks and more aren’t included here.

So much happened. Maybe B can elaborate on other moments.

B: A trip to New York City is something that has never ended up on any lists of mine. I’m more the kind of person who figures if I do the right things and surround myself with the right people, I will end up in the places I’m meant to be at the right time. This may sound like I’m leaving a lot to chance or not taking enough responsibility of my future, but when you end up in an amazing place with someone you love, those concerns don’t matter. I came to New York City at the perfect time with the perfect person. Everything A wanted to do I wanted to do, and I just sprinkled our highlights at The MoMA and NBC Studios with trips to Diners or Coffee Shops (things I’m good at finding). 

The coffee at Gregory’s was pretty good, but the espresso A and I had (something I never thought I’d share with A…duel espressos that is) at Zibetto Espresso Bar was incredible, hazelnutty, and smooth (and a bit too strong for A’s tastebuds).

Touring NBC was fantastic, fun, and informative. A and I have a very shared and yet different love for Broadcasting, and being inside such a historic and important studio felt incredible. I got to anchor a fake news broadcast on the tour and a lot of the people there said I did a good job; which felt good because I’m self-conscious about my broadcasting skills.

The MoMA was life-changing. I’m experimenting more with painting and sketching and A is totally right about how the presence of works by so many fundamental, important, and talented artists can be so inspiring. One of my most memorable moments was coming up the elevator and being totally halted, and taken out of my being by my first sight (ever) of a Cy Twombly painting. I felt as though my heart stopped, the breath had left my lungs, and my soul was connecting with every detail in the work. I wanted to share that feeling with A. Let her know how madly I loved this work and that time and those emotions it was stirring. Seeing works by Jackson Pollock was invigorating and the collection from Gerhard Richter blew my mind. I did a few sketches (something new) and wrote a few poems (something I saw A doing a lot). Here is the poem I wrote in front of Van Gogh’s Starry Night:

I stood close there

and felt the mutation

of a history

and genius.

I tried to see

through the oil and strokes

to his beauty

and dreams –

both childishly simple

and imaginative.

And still imposible.



Welcome to America – Date #131 – Nov 27, 2013 

B: The moment I found out A was a Packers fan I knew I would have to get us to a game ASAP. I’ve never been to a live football game (not even CFL) and I figured this would be the perfect opportunity. So, about a month or two ago we started planning a trip to Detroit for American Thanksgiving. 

On Wednesday morning we left early and got to Detroit just after 12. Our first stop? Target! A loves the idea of the place but had never been!! Her reaction to the fact that they have a restaurant was the best! Her reaction to all the M&Ms was the second best. Having American family (and citizenship myself) has resulted in a profound love, appreciation, and fascination for the US. I’m so happy I can share that with someone.

Also, A got us a sweet discount on the Sheraton Detroit Metro Airport hotel (which was super nice) and we ordered a deep-dish pizza from ??

A: *drooool* I want that pizza naaaao. It’s from Toarmina’s by the airport. Despite the reviews on yelp it was delivered ON TIME and DELICIOUS.

Paleo Pancakes, Movies, and Cheat Meals – Date #129 – Nov 24, 2013

A: I feel like B’s adorableness in this picture is totally consuming. I look like a blank white canvas that no one wants to paint on.

We watched Elf and B mused about his sister’s love for the story. He said we’re similar in our love for tales and trips from our childhood. I definitely have a deep connection with those imaginative memories but, in my case anyway, I think it’s the act of having an active imagination as an adult that brings out those qualities. Sometimes adults get caught up in the seriousness of life and, if I get anything from my grandfather, it’s forever youthfulness. But anyways – we watched Elf and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. I am so stoked to decorate my apartment now! Tis the season!! 

B: The night before was a late one (two movies!!) and we tried sleeping in. That didn’t work too well but A made some pancakes with almond flour and they were awesome (well, a bit flavorless but the fact that she did it was awesome). Eventually we walked in the cold (the very cold) to get my favorite pizza from Bitondo’s before watching Elf. While waiting A and I watched the old Italian man making the pizza. We were both amazed by his expertise. It was a very relaxing day. 

Jurassic Park and the epic baseball game – Date #71 – September 20, 2013

B: A and I, for the first time in awhile, didn’t have any real plans for a Friday night. Revelling in this I took a look at the MLB lineup and noticed that Tampa Bay, leader in the American League Wild Card race, would be playing close contenders, Baltimore Orioles. The game started at 7:07 and would probably end at 10. This meant A could workout (I did an Olympic Lifting session at 4:30), I could pick her up, we could go get non-alcholic beer and two frozen pizzas, and then sit down and watch the end of the game and maybe a movie or two. Well, A got to doing some laundry while I did dishes and cooked the pizzas and Tampa tied the game in the 7th inning and held it 4-4 through the 9th. So, A finished her laundry while I watched the game go into the 11th inning. Finally the pizza finished cooking and we decided to start working our way through the Jurassic Park trilogy. I muted the computer we were streaming the game through. And while Jurassic Park finished the game kept going. Just before 1:30am we started The Lost World and at 2:05am Tampa Bay ended the game with a walkoff home run. A was asleep at this point. I finished the movie and came to bed just before 4am as we had to get up early for A’s Mom the next day.

Oh, we also ate both pizzas and I drank a lot of non-alcholic beer. It was an awesome night.

A: I have a habit of falling asleep during movies because I get so relaxed, especially when I’m with someone I trust. B doesn’t make me feel bad about this (which I have been made to feel bad before) so this makes me love him that much more. We finished watching all the Jurassic movies this weekend. It was awesome, especially hearing B’s take on the sound. He has an ear for things and I’m partially deaf (from standing beside a speaker at concerts 5 nights a week for 2 years 🙁 ) so it’s intriguing to me to hear what he has to say about all the sounds that sometimes blend together in my head. New perspectives = horray!

PIG, Pizza and Living spaces – Date #69 – September 18, 2013

B: A and I were attending a media preview of the World Premier of PIG, a play that left Buddies in Bad Times‘ Artistic Director “shaken by the play’s presentation of gay male sexuality.” Initially I was nervous, especially sitting in the front row, and several times throughout the play I wondered how much A was enjoying everything, but somewhere between actors masturbating to crying, discussing fucking with a knife, and a naked torture scene, I was profoundly moved. A told me she enjoyed the play too.

(read our review here)

After A had to look at an apartment and she was getting pretty hangry so we rushed to the greasiest pizza joint. The moment the pizza slice hit her tongue A’s demeanour changed and she got super happy. It was so adorable I contemplated carrying greasy pizza slices around everywhere (but then I’d eat them all ;))

Now I want pizza…

A: I don’t want pizza because I ate it for lunch. I didn’t even feel guilty. Not until writing that I didn’t feel guilty do I now feel a tiny pang of guilt. Okay, it’s only there because I know it maybe should be. I just have so little self-control. It’s something I fight with myself over a lot. But since I have so little of it, it never really bothers me that much. Anyways…

The play was great. I seriously loved it. It discusses some pretty dark, deep, emotionally riveting material but it didn’t bother me the way I thought it would. B read a bit of a review out loud before we watched it that got my mind moving about the play but I said, “Stop stop stop I want my own opinion!” He looked at me weirdly for saying it in such a panicked tone but it’s true! I wasn’t shocked at all by the play because of the three extremely descriptive sentences B just read me. This makes me think I didn’t go into the play with a clean slate but, in any case, I still really liked it. It didn’t make me squirm like the fancy-nancy that wrote that article.