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Onion Goggles & Cookies

Date #344 – Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A: You can make fun of me all you want but those onions were STRONG and those ski goggles helped…. a little. The acid fumes still got to my eyes believe it or not, but we got it done. B and I made lentil masala (I’m guessing that’s what it’s called) and the BEST pale chico chip cookies ever!! (We haven’t made them in SO long!) And… of course… Orphan Black.

B: This was hilarious. A put on these goggles from the 80s to chop onions while we made dinner together. She is adorable.

After, while watching Orphan Black we made these Paleo cookies (no grains or processed items). I think the recipe is vegan too…

Anyways, the cookies actually were even better than they looked and I ate way too many. Mmmmm…

Healthy food choices and True Detective

Date #247 – Saturday April 5, 2014

B: I was working all day didn’t feel like eating anything healthy. A suggested we go back to her place and make Quinoa tacos and start watching True Detective – the super-hyped HBO crime drama starring Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson. A doesn’t normally like crime shows and so I was really stoked to watch this.

I resisted the eating healthy, but once the tacos were made I was really happy. A good partner looks after you even when you don’t want to.

A: True Detective is so great!!! We were so pooped, though (from the conference), that we dozed off halfway through and went to bed and snored all night! The quinoa tacos were so delicious, too. I highly recommend them if you want to feel energized and full.

Making a rap, part 1

Date #212 – Mar 1, 2014

A: I can not express the amount of great, smothering love I have for… these sweet potato biscuits and gravy that B makes. Did you think I was going to say B? I am hungry right now as I type so these biscuits are taking precedence (sorry B)…. And I can’t forget the cookies. They should be our logo or our mascot for this blog. The Paleo Cookie mascot! Okay, not as cool as I thought, but we eat them MORE than twice a week sometimes. That’s a lot of cookies. Oh, I got it:

Official sponsor of onethousanddates.com: The Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookie!!! *cookie mascot jumps through hoola hoop that’s on fire*

B: I don’t think we’re gonna do that….but I would like to see a cookie jumping through a hoola-hoop. I also think the A’s weeks are drifting in to one another, as I don’t seem to recall cookies twice in one week. Anyways, you can learn to make the biscuits here and the gravy here (we substitute any meat products with veggie options).

We also worked a lot on making the beat for a rap that A eventually wrote to promote her story Eraser for this short-story competition. A writes better when there is a beat, and I’m really happy with how well we worked together.

Valentine’s Day WOD and a Southern-inspired Paleo/Vegetarian meal

Date #199 – Feb 14, 2014

A: I didn’t say anything to B but candid photos of people working out are not attractive. They’re horrible actually. Okay. Maybe I’m referring to myself but I am one of the however-many-percent of people who look utterly raunchy in candid workout photos. Never again B (just saying).

But Vday was so much fun. The Academy is so awesome and welcoming and I really want to go there this summer and get super buff. After, B made a Nashville (the TV show I am in love with)-inspired dinner as a surprise and my heart melted. It also melted because it was so amazing (especially the gravy) and delicious. Also B’s mom gave me a chocolate A too which B says is a big deal because the chocolate letters are a tradition so I guess I’m super lucky to be included in it. WINNING!

I want to eat that gravy – dayuuuum! B, post the recipe so I can have it?? (Apparently we communicate through this blog now.)

B: So, if you remember we solicited ideas for our first Valentine’s Day together and it went great! Thanks to Dhani for suggesting the V-Day workout at academyoflions. Thanks to @LiveWellTO for the idea to make a meal based on a favourite TV show.

I love working out and I love sharing that with A. I think she looks super amazing in these pictures. (really, who doesn’t when lifting a tire). I have to say that our form is terrible and that position is compromising our spines – what not to do when lifting!

We were obviously hungry after the workout. Here’s the menu for our vegetarian Paleo-friendly Southern meal:

  • Apple slaw (1 apple julienned, ½ red onion julienned, a few TBS apple cider vinegar, bit of honey, salt, pepper)
  • Sweet potato biscuits (no bacon, substitute bacon fat with ghee)
  • Vegetarian gravy (I used ghee, almond and buckwheat flour, and vegetable broth)
  • BBQ Tempeh (no buns, ketchup was homemade)
  • Strawberry Cobler

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Paleo Cookies and Restlessness

Date #184 – Jan 30, 2014

B: A came over after the gym and we were both in a playful mood. I was very tired from an intense workout:

  • 3 sets of 15 Push Presses @ 85lbs
  • 1 Turkish getup every minute for 12 minutes @ 16kg
  • 20 Kettlebell swings @ 28kg + jump rope for remaining time – every minute for 4 minutes

A was so bubbly there was a definite contrast in energy levels and because of that everything involving food took forever. It wasn’t bad, just hilarious at how poor we both were at making decisions.

We made stemmed broccoli covered in melted cheese (aged cheddar). Then A went to get some snacks and I stayed to make Paleo chocolate chips cookies – here is the recipe.

After A wanted to try and finish Season 5 of Mad Men, so I obliged. We had a really good conversation where we both observed that we’ve done more artistically in this relationship than any other period of our lives. I remarked at how I was thinking earlier that many of my fears about creating have disappeared and how that is because of A and how I just accepted feeling that way. I think we’ve slipped in to this and that’s amazing and special and we need to make sure to recognize and appreciate that.

A’s knee was hurting her so she fidgeted around a bunch and it was bothering me for some reason and I said something and A said, “I’m a fidgeter, I will always be one, so that means you’re going to have to get used to it.” I thought about this, and when I felt overwhelmed I left the room and thought some more. I realized that my being bothered has nothing to do with A, but it has to do with myself and my feelings.

I came back and said, “I love you and you never bother me. Things you do may bother me, but because I love you that’s for me to deal with.”

The next morning we both woke up super happy. We hugged each other a lot and drank some good coffee made in an aeropresse.

A: B left out the part where I ate practically an entire bag of party mix after eating the cookies. YESSSSSSS.

Playoffs and paleo pretzels – Date #174 – Jan 19, 2014

A: B wanted to make pretzels real bad so we joined forces after a brief confrontation about space and the kitchen (this is an ongoing topic of discussion and/or test in our relationship). They were quite delicious. Looks like the Broncos and Seahawks are in the superbowl (yawn!). It was a Sunday, if I ever saw one.

B: A twisted all those pretzels, let me make that clear. The pretzels are Paleo, which means they are grain free. It also means they aren’t as fluffy or easy to roll. Here is the recipe.

The day was very lazy and great and relaxing.

Christmas Partaaay – Date #144 – December 14, 2013

A: B does Crossfit at Academy of Lions (as you may already know) and they threw their annual Christmas Party Saturday. Everyone there is extremely nice and welcoming, and even if they aren’t, I didn’t notice. I love meeting and talking to new people, and this bunch are true gems. There is such a beautiful sense of community, wellness, and positivity – it’s quite infectious. We had fun, although I probably didn’t need that last beer or two. It’s definitely interesting dating someone who doesn’t drink but who also doesn’t make me feel bad or anything negative really when it comes to drinking. B is pretty all around supportive and he even puts up with my shenanigans, drinking or not! I can’t go wrong here, can I? I must remember to say thank you a million times. I am truly lucky!

B: This party was a lot of fun. The people at Academy of Lions are like a second family and I really respect their feeling. I also Produce and co-host the Podcast there, Academy of Lions Radio, and so I really hold myself as a staple in that community (and I hope they do too). Going to events like this gives me a bit of the “worlds colliding” hesitations and excitements. A fits in so well to this community and it is beautiful to watch. We talked a lot about this at the party and the importance of making sure she felt included. We ended with a lot of awesome dancing and I was reminded about how much A is a partner to me in so many ways.

Paleo Pancakes, Movies, and Cheat Meals – Date #129 – Nov 24, 2013

A: I feel like B’s adorableness in this picture is totally consuming. I look like a blank white canvas that no one wants to paint on.

We watched Elf and B mused about his sister’s love for the story. He said we’re similar in our love for tales and trips from our childhood. I definitely have a deep connection with those imaginative memories but, in my case anyway, I think it’s the act of having an active imagination as an adult that brings out those qualities. Sometimes adults get caught up in the seriousness of life and, if I get anything from my grandfather, it’s forever youthfulness. But anyways – we watched Elf and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. I am so stoked to decorate my apartment now! Tis the season!! 

B: The night before was a late one (two movies!!) and we tried sleeping in. That didn’t work too well but A made some pancakes with almond flour and they were awesome (well, a bit flavorless but the fact that she did it was awesome). Eventually we walked in the cold (the very cold) to get my favorite pizza from Bitondo’s before watching Elf. While waiting A and I watched the old Italian man making the pizza. We were both amazed by his expertise. It was a very relaxing day. 

Crossfit potluck oh myyyyy – Date #98 – October 20, 2013

A: It was my first crossfit class with B and his gym peeps and it was (1) in the park and (2) right before a massive potluck. The best! I had so much fun and B was super excited and sweet. I can’t stress how cool I think this kid is!

Also we caught the last half of the Packers game and they won – woo!

B: The Academy of Lions (where I work out) is like a second home and family. I was looking forward to the day where A would do her first Crossfit workout and meet the gym people. The whole thing went really well. The food was all Paleo and super healthy and delicious. It’s probably the best I’ve eaten in awhile. I love that A and I share the same values about health and that we shared this moment. I also really like watching football with her.

Two smart cookies – Date #68 – September 17th 2013

A: I don’t know why we don’t have a picture of MY cookies that I made on Saturday. Oh wait… YES. I do. I do know why. It’s cause they sucked!!!

I wanted to make my chocolate chip cookies on Saturday and so I begun when B told me to replace this with that and that with this and I got so mad and frustrated because the coconut oil isn’t the same as EVOO nor does it taste or bake the same, etc., and my cookies turned out so shitty. I had to blame Brian. I shouldn’t have… but… I wanted to make my cookies and they didn’t work out and we got all frustrated cause B wanted to help and for them to be healthy and I just wanted sugar and chocolate in my belly and it was all a mess. So. Last night he’s like, “Let’s make paleo cookies,” and he even let slip to his roomie that he wanted to show me that cookies can taste good when you use the ingredients properly so it was like he was proving a point but the thing is they DID taste good – so good – so now I’m all hmph. Whose cookies are better???? Why do I feel this is a competition????? Why can’t we just eat all the cookies and be happy? “We can!” I tell myself. We can. And we will. And we did. And we’re doing it now. I’m eating one now. They’re really good. Ugh. Why can’t my cookies taste like this? These cookies are sooooo good.

B: I’m so happy A liked these cookies. When she was making hers all I could think was, “I hate non-paleo baking,” and, “I want to eat her cookies but I don’t want to feel guilty about it.”

(for those who don’t know, Paleo essentially means eating like our ancestors – only meat, veggies, small amounts of fruit, nuts, seeds, eggs, and butter. nothing else. check out this site if you want to learn more)

Rather than having a conversation about things I told A to do this and that and she told me to back off. Ultimately “her” cookies weren’t as bad as she says.

Making Paleo cookies was about doing it right. Doing something together. I like that A shows much more of an interest in cooking and baking. We made these cookies and these vegan tacos. A helped a lot and asked questions about what she didn’t understand, like “we don’t have enough honey, what do we do?” and, “what makes these cookies Paleo?”

Ultimately, almond flour, honey, eggs, macadamia nuts (we added them) and non-dairy pure cocoa chips are delicious on their own and also together. Better enjoyed with loved ones.