OITNB Season 2 cont’d

Date #310 – Monday, June 9, 2014

A: I wrote two paragrpahs about this show and the internet deleted it do I am boycotting this date! I didn’t like OITNB orrrrr the ending. What a poorly mapped out season!

B: I completely agree with A. I actually kept saying “this scene is just people standing around talking.” The show lacked a forward drive, often just treading water, and then glossed over great plot-points or character moments (i.e. the return of Mendez was hugely dramatic and was over before it began). Also, I love this show for showcasing the complexity of female strength, vulnerability, and relationships. I think from its subject matter to diverse casting the show is a model for the direction TV and film needs to move in. That said, I was deeply upset and let down when, all of a sudden in episode 9, the word “Pussy” started showing up in the mouths of characters who never used it as a way to depict weakness. Beyond the misogyny of this word, it again is an example of truly inconsistent writing.

So often I watch great TV resort to stale, and demeaning writing in the face of what I can only think is a declining writing budget. I was hoping OITNB would avoid this. I was wrong.

Healing practices, OITND, + National Doughnut Day

Date #304 – Friday, June 6, 2014

A: It wasn’t until we were back at my apartment and well into Orange is the New Black that I realized it was Lua’s 8th birthday AND also National Doughnut Day. Because of all this we promptly left on a search for doughnuts. Unfortunately my neighbourhood is hurting for two things: an abundance of coffee shops and bakeries. There’s basically nothing and, no, we do not count Starbucks, Country Style, Tim’s, blah blah. We don’t count those. But today we had to.

And I know I want to blame B for being a horrendous influence by saying over and over that “I never used to eat ANY doughnuts before I met Brian” (which is TRUE)…. but it’s more likely this thing called self-control. That. I don’t have that. Any advice on how to get some would be great.

B: I could blame my on-again-off-again doughnut obsession on my Dad, but like A said, it’s about self-control. I was feeling sad for myself and my accident so of course I used National Doughnut Day to indulge!

If we were in my neighbourhood (Little Italy) I could visit an array of local bakeries, but we weren’t and we were only able to find Country Style. We started watching Orange is the New Black and I have to say the first few episodes were disappointing, unfocused, and drawn out. Multiple times I noticed how shots went on to long and many scenes were simply people standing around talking. Luckily, the doughnuts were pretty good.