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Day 3 of recovery – Mom & Supplements 

Date #353 – Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A: Day one of my momma talking care of me so B could go in to work. She was working too and set up her computer at my desk. I basically just sat there or napped. I tried to do a bunch of things and couldn’t. Felt like a huge failure……… especially since I was particularly awful at not doing anything. My mom kind of ignored me. But it was nice to have someone here so I wasn’t alone.

B was kind enough to speak to this incredible nutritionist for some advice regarding supplements. He even picked them all up for me and told me about each one. I really like the curcumin pill. Curcumin is the active ingredient in turmeric and is a powerful antioxidant.

B: I was really nervous about leaving A but really happy her Mom was there to look after her. I knew there were many things to consider when taking care of A, especially that A was to stay in a very restful, quiet state so she could recover. A also had a big list of supplements to take. I made her a schedule and put it on the wall. I tried to do as many things to help A not have to think so her brain could rest (essential for concussion recovery).

We spoke a few times on the phone and she told me how things were going. I could tell it was stressful and I knew this wasn’t good for A or her Mom. The situation WAS stressful. Recovery and injury is hard on everyone. A’s friend came over for a bit and I spoke to her as well. I’m so happy A has so many amazing people in her life.

I then spoke to A’s Mom a bit about how difficult this process of healing can be, not just for A but for the people closest to A. It was super scary for me and I can’t even imagine what A’s Mom or A felt.

I spoke to the nutritionist at my gym, Academy of Lions, Nathalie Niddam. She recommended Magnesium, Zinc, Vitamin B, D, C, and K as well as Curcummin (for inflammation), Wobenzym (for Bacteria), and E3 Live (which I love). I picked this all up and brought it to A.

When I got to her place she had received even more flowers and a MASSIVE nutritional pack from her old work filled with protein, chia and flax, and some other great stuff.

Again I was so overwhelmed and grateful for A’s support network and I felt way less stressed about her recovery.

Andrea gets the flu – from B’s sister???

Date #338 – Thursday, July 3, 2014

A: All of this cost me $80 which I thought was a lot at the time but I later realized one or two pill or even a bag of protein could cost $65 or $100 easily! Over the past few years I’ve gotten into herbal remedies. I’ve never been one to take meds – ever – not even advil unless my headache is exploding – so working with people and meeting B who are/is interested in similar approaches has really inspired me. For example, I never knew about oil of oregano until I worked at my last job. It’s a miracle. Take it when you’re sick, and when you feel like you’re getting sick. Two hours after you take it, have a probiotic like kombucha or even a probiotic supplement. Oil of oregano kills the good and bad cells – everything – and the probiotic will restore the good cells. It works wonders.

Also – if you’re anemic or take iron – take it with vitamin C! You absorb 100% more of it!

We watched Orphan Black all night. I had the flu. It was legit. B was on all the pills too to ensure he didn’t get sick. What a lovely man, for keeping me company. Looking back fondly on date #2……. We were so eloquent in that entry. (If I could rewrite it, it’d include: I thought B was nuts for inviting me over having the flu, and I felt even more ridiculous driving over to his house as sick as a dog. We watched one my my favourite books-turned-movies and he was so open and accepting about how corny it was and how awful I was feeling that I was totally aghast and smitten. He told me was an intense person. I wanted to tell him I was difficult. Instead, I thought, maybe this will work out.)

B: I don’t know why, but I like taking care of people when they are sick. I think the body is remarkable and I’ve always been especially interested in how nutrition can help. I’m a big supporter of natural remedies and maybe part of me treats treating A like an experiment…sorry A but it seems to be working.

My little sister totally gave the flu to A. Luckily our friend Nathalie Niddam has given us an awesome routine that involves Oil of Oregano (followed by probiotics 2 hours later) Vitamin C, D, Zinc and an immune booster featuring Rishi Mushrooms. It totally works (especially if you start right when symptoms present).

Also, taking care of a sick person can be awesome. You get to sit around and watch movies and eat soup and drink orange juice but you don’t feel sick. Anyways, A got better and I didn’t get sick and now we have a pharmacy in the kitchen.

Yankees game & Yam Chops snax

Date #326 – Monday, June 23, 2014

A:I love going to Jays games with B. I know. You know this. Probably. But this time was different! A new “vegetarian butcher shop” opened a block away from B’s place in Little Italy. It’s called Yam Chops. B picked up some goodies before the game, one being kale caesar salad. Oh my oh my oh my. I haven’t had caeser salad in YEARS. And this was just – I died. It was so yummy. 

I need to learn how to spell caesar. (Thank you spell check!)

B: I think one of the reasons I love baseball is that the whole experience feels like a bunch of people going to the park…or at least that’s how I hope it feels. The Skydome (aka Rogers Centre…aka where the Blue Jays play) doesn’t feel a lot like a park, but there are some picnic tables and you can bring your own food.

I like doing things like this and I absolutely LOVED watching A’s reaction to the kale salad. She was so happy and ecstatic. I want to make her feel like this everyday.

Also, the Jays won…woo!

#discoverON: FoodShare

Date #287 – Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A:If you’ve read before or follow us anywhere other than here, you know we’re a part of this epic group that gets to roadtrip Ontario with Autoshare. This was our curated trip. We got to visit FoodShare Toronto, a program that connects local food to local communities. They do things like providing real and local food (veggies and fruit) to communities that may not be near grocery stores or markets. They also do food boxes where you can go pick up a box of mostly local veggies at your nearest pickup point. 

The coolest thing I learned is that there is an industrial warehouse in Etobicoke (just east of the IKEA – you’ve probably seen it) called “The Food Terminal.” This is the place where ALL produce comes into Canada and where ALL food vendors put their orders in – for all of Canada. So it’s this one place where they monitor quality and control all the produce that we have access to. Companies like Loblaws to local markets in any city put their orders in and it’s shipped out from there. It’s not open to the public (otherwise what would be the point?). I found this really interesting considering our food status and our accessibility to food. It’s a larger debate that I am happy to learn more about.

We also planted beets (weird seeds!) at a rooftop garden at a local high school and then I used the car to get kitty litter and other groceries – big win! I actually love Autoshare. Not owning a car but having access to one… it’s great.

B: I am so happy AutoShare partnered us with Food Share for this trip. I’ve been looking in to their programs and love their mandate of getting healthy food to more people. I think having an informed and close relationship with real food is essential to our health and happiness, and I know that this trip definitely helped Andrea and myself.

Our first day (stay tuned for day 2) started with a visit to the Good Food Café, a school cafeteria serving up school lunches that both meet government standards and are made the same day with fresh produce. There Andrea and I made the fruit salads and the greek salads and picked up some tricks on quick chopping.

We then went to the main Food Share headquarters to meet Robyn and many of the amazing people there and to learn about all their programs and package some food for their Bulk Produce Program. This program is awesome because it allows schools and communities to purchase fresh produce at affordable prices, and have that produce delivered in a timely manner. We learned about how this program is addressing the growing issues of food deserts – places where people have no access to healthy and affordable foods.

We packaged foods to go to Norther communities who’s food must be flown in and where grocery stores have a monopoly. It was fun to work with A counting out bushels of kale and broccoli, carry carts of tomatoes and onions, and package bunches of bananas.

We had an incredible lunch with Robyn (seriously, it was unreal and super hearty) and talked about composting before heading to a nearby school to see the rooftop garden. On our way to the school A and I joked about how if we were biking we would be there already…seriously, gridlock in this city is horrible. There we met Katie and James who taught us about the School Grown program and how they both teach students how to grow and give them summer jobs gardening and selling their produce at local markets. We also learned how to make backyard planters (it’s as easy as taking two 5 gallon jars, drilling a hole in the side of the outer one for water, drilling a yogurt-sized container hole in the bottom of the inner one, taking a yogurt container and cutting the sides length-wise in 3 places, placing that in the hole you cut, filling the inner container with dirt, adding water, and planting). There we also did some planting.

After all of this we stopped at Rooster for a celebratory coffee. There I finally found a Keep Cup (the most amazing reusable coffee cup) with colours I like. Finally my search is over! What a day!

Healthy food choices and True Detective

Date #247 – Saturday April 5, 2014

B: I was working all day didn’t feel like eating anything healthy. A suggested we go back to her place and make Quinoa tacos and start watching True Detective – the super-hyped HBO crime drama starring Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson. A doesn’t normally like crime shows and so I was really stoked to watch this.

I resisted the eating healthy, but once the tacos were made I was really happy. A good partner looks after you even when you don’t want to.

A: True Detective is so great!!! We were so pooped, though (from the conference), that we dozed off halfway through and went to bed and snored all night! The quinoa tacos were so delicious, too. I highly recommend them if you want to feel energized and full.

March Madness and a goose egg

Date #238 – Fri Mar 28, 2014

A: My mom works with a woman who farms her own food and my mom used to bring me chicken and goose eggs to eat which I never ate because they’re so YELLOW and BIG. I have an egg thing.

But B doesn’t. My mom said there might even be 4 yolks in this one. There was only one but it was massive… almost the size of my palm. I’m more into farm fresh products since meeting B. I also do a lot more research and have taken an active interest in stuff like this. I’ve always been a lover of local goods but yeah… I have an egg thing. They weird me out sometimes.

B: After an intense CrossFit training session at Academy of Lions I headed to A’s where she was already watching March Madness with her friends. Unfortunately A’s team, Tennessee, lost their game and failed to move to the elite 8. 

A’s Mom brought me a goose egg and we were all talking healthy fats and I thought it was the perfect time to have this massive egg. The yolk was the size of 4 yolks. The egg, once cooked, tasted super buttery and delicious.

Naps and Salad

Date #208 – Feb 23, 2014

B: OK, maybe this doesn’t sound like the most interesting date, but when you’ve been up all night and morning watching the Olympics (Date #207) you don’t feel like doing much. A and I could have easily gone and got junk food, but, as tired as we were, we walked to the grocery store and picked up some spinach, goat cheese, and strawberries to make a salad:

  • Olive oil, balsamic vinegar, goat cheese mixed into a liquid
  • Toss in spinach
  • Add sliced strawberries, hemp hears, sesame seeds, dried cranberries

It was exactly what we needed! Sometimes it is great to be reminded that you are with someone who will encourage and support you to be better in always. When you get a craving, go for a salad or some healthy fats and protein!

A: It’s definitely easier to encourage someone else and then, in turn, be encouraged. Had I been alone, I would’ve opted for a burrito probably. Or pizza. Always pizza. But this salad was soooo good (despite the mess behind it – ignore!)….

Gosh we were zombies. We drank juice out of hip sippie cups that my mom bought us. You can write your name in chalk on them. COOL, right?

Eat Your Dinner!

Date #181 – Jan 27, 2013

B: For the past week I was feeling very melancholic. I have no idea why, but this night it showed up in my lack of appetite. After A came over from yoga I made a delicious dinner of vegetables in hoisin sauce. 

As A sat at the table and ate (I think eating meals at a table is important) I played with my food like a child. A noticed and very sternly told me to eat my food. I played along and pouted. She said, eat your oranges and greens (broccoli and carrots) and I’ll eat the rest (mushrooms and onions). I pouted but obliged.

The whole thing must have been so hilarious to us we didn’t take a photo. Also, yes, this was the most interesting thing from the night. I blame our lack of interesting dates on this Polar Vortex!

A: YAWN. We’re SO BORING. That’s why YOU should SPICE it up for US. We’re looking for date ideas on V-day!

(Our night was so boring I am plugging a FUTURE date. Resourceful!)

Lakeview + Sound of Music Sing-A-Long – Date #155 – Dec 27, 2013

A: I woke up with a fever and tried to pretend that I was perfectly fine. It was so hard but thankfully B is amazing and caring. The first thing he did was get me tea and kleenex and, I would argue I’m the hardest person to take care of when sick, he made sure I took my vitamins. We went for lunch and then B and his fam went shopping and for dinner but I went home to sleep. I met them at TIFF for the Sound of Music sing-a-long show which was amazing, despite feeling so horrible. The film is incredible and it was so much fun to sing a long and yell things at the screen that I temporarily (though not really) forgot I had a fever.

I wonder how many people, if any, I infected. I hope not many. I hope they have amazing people like B in their lives to help them feel better, in the event I did pass it on.

B: OMG this day was so much fun! My cousin (from the US) usually go in to Toronto for a day of wandering before meeting up with the family for some sort of theatre outing. A was super-patient while we waited for my other cousin to get ready (my family takes forever to go anywhere). It was super cute when, during all the “get-ready-and-go commotion,” A said, “I now understand why you get so anxious when leaving.” 

The service at Lakeview was pretty terrible this day. We got pumped in line and our food took forever. This put a bit of a damper on things, and then A started talking about how she was sick. A was a trooper and the family-bonding was really nice.

My family was really concerned when A didn’t come to dinner and super happy when she showed up at TIFF. I could tell she was really sick because she would get happy and try to sing and then stop. She was such a good sport. 

FYI, what I gave her to feel better was the protocol we learned about in Date #146:

  • D3 – 5000-10000iu/day
  • Vitamin C 1000mg up to 3x
  • Zinc 30-50mg day on divided doses
  • Deep immune 3-4x day (this is a natural immune booster made up of multiple ingredients)
  • Olive leaf extract (can be available in Oil of Oregano)
  • Oil of oregano 2-3x/day – make sure to take probiotics 2 hours later (Oil of Oregano kills bacteria and your body needs to replenish. We take unflavoured Kombucha)

Holiday survival – Date #146 – December 16, 2013

A: So the Academy had a free talk with Nutritionist Nathalie Niddam about holiday survival (basically how to avoid derailing your health and nutrition plans completely), methods to use to avoid getting sick, and how to hasten getting better if you are sick. I love stuff like this because I get completely overwhelmed at all the information out there. It’s nice to channel it in to specific discussion on a regular basis…not to mention the fact that B and everyone we’ve spoke to at the Academy are a wealth of knowledge. B said it’s nice that I’m interested in this sort of thing and I think it’s important that we all be. He always says he wants to climb mountains when we’re 90. Fingers crossed.

One thing I learned was Iron and Zinc are extremely important as an anemic vegetarian. Don’t take Iron and Zinc together, though, because they compete. And too much Zinc can make you feel nauseous so best to take it with food.

In any case, these pics are from these anatomy quiz cards lying around at the gym. I know so little about the body, they intrigued me. Also, yes, I did go to reproductive section first just to check it out.

B: Monday was a busy day for me. I left A at 6am to get ready to record another episode of Academy of Lions Radio – the Podcast I co-Host and Produce. After spending much of the day at the gym A met me there for a nutrition talk about “Surviving the Holidays.” I was so happy A came because it made one more thing for us to share. She was super engaged the whole time and asked some great questions. When I saw the anatomy pictures on A’s Instagram I was overwhelmed with admiration. To me it was another demonstration of her care, attention to details, and unique viewpoint. 

The talk was also very useful, as the protocol to prevent sickness (or at least fight it more effectively) has been used successfully on both myself and A in future dates.

Here is what we do at the first signs of sickness – take the following for 2-3 days max:

  • D3 – 5000-10000iu/day
  • Vitamin C 1000mg up to 3x
  • Zinc 30-50mg day on divided doses
  • Deep immune 3-4x day (this is a natural immune booster made up of multiple ingredients)
  • Olive leaf extract (can be available in Oil of Oregano)
  • Oil of oregano 2-3x/day – make sure to take probiotics 2 hours later (Oil of Oregano kills bacteria and your body needs to replenish. We take unflavoured Kombucha)
  • Exercise (unless you have a fever)