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Obvious Child

Date #348 – Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A: B’s bud told us to check out this movie called Obvious Child so we made a plan to go. It ended up only being B and I because his friend was late and it sold out! Well, he missed a great flick. This film was so cute and good and progressive and funny. I wrote about it on my blog because I loved it so much. Basically, sitting beside B during the opening skit made me giggle a lot. Go see it and then we’ll talk.

B: I’ll just tell you…the opening skit talks about what really goes on with women’s underwear. It was a revelation for me and, based on the way many of the women in the theatre were laughing, it was totally true.

I thought “yeah, I always figured it would be kind of messy down there…it just makes sense,” and finally someone was de-mistifying it for me. 

Anyways, the movie was hilarious and I am so happy I saw it with A. I was sad my friend missed out. I really like when A and I get to hang out with other people. We’re so busy it doesn’t happen much.

Movie date to see Edge of Tomorrow

Date #324 – Sunday, June 22, 2014

A: At the start of our relationship, B would ask me what movies I’d want to see to make sure he didn’t go see them. I was all, “I don’t care, B. Go see it. I’ll go see it on my own!” I really didn’t mind, but he was adamant on going together if we wanted to see the same movie. SOOOO…. I was all used to this gold star consideration that I was SHOCKED to hear he went to see Edge of Tomorrow without me. “Well, fine. I’ll go on my own.” But he came with me. I was really amused by this whole ordeal. The film was amazing AND B snuck us in pizza and so I was pretty much in heaven. Loved the movie too – for what it was.

B: I had already seen Edge of Tomorrow before but felt really bad for seeing it without A. When I was going she was visiting her sick grandmother and I left her a message from the theatre but couldn’t even tell her I was seeing the movie when I called. I KNEW she would be upset but I couldn’t help myself then.

The movie is incredible and I’m happy I went again. A was hungry after the baby shower (see previous date) and so I went and got some food and coffee while she got us seats. My only criticisms of the film are the lack of female presence outside of Emily Blunt and the lack of chemistry between her and Tom Cruise (I think he is too old for anything to be believable). It’s great action film though and looks amazing in 3D.