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French Improv Finals

Date #300 – Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A: Our friend does French Improv and it was the finals for the season so we went to support her. B went to French Immersion but, to be frank, he was a poor translator this night. I didn’t really know what was going on and when I asked him he just stared and me and smiled. So I was pretty lost. But the red team won so at least I could say I was there!

B: It’s hard translating OK!! Alright, freakout over. Yes, I could have done better. It is hard though. Improv moves fast and translating jokes in an interesting way is tough. It was a lot of fun to go and support A’s friend. It was our second time, but I didn’t get to sit next to A the last time

At one point A’s friend did a sketch where she was a translator and spoke English, French, and Spanish. It was great because I could tell she made this character just for A.

A night of French Improve

Date #182 – Jan 28, 2014

B: In Toronto there is an all-French Improv league called Les Improbables. A’s friend competes in this league and so we decided to go. The way the competition happens is two teams of six compete in various short improv games over an hour. Like a hockey game, the competition is divided into 3 equal periods and there is a ref. 

I was nervous about not understanding to much but I was super excited for Improv. As the show progressed I felt confident in my bilingualism and was able to get many of the jokes. I helped translate for some of A’s friends (which is a tough thing to do during 3-minute improv skits).

After A had a beer and I had a “sit” with her improv friend and some others. The best part was when her one friend and her spoke about working in film. He just finished working on the Oscar-nominated All Is Lost as Post-Production Supervisor and he started asking A about her career and her aspirations. Hearing A talk about her work with someone else in the industry (and someone who is very supportive of her future) was very inspiring.

A: Allez rouges!! It was so fun and funny. I didn’t understand much but I luckily had friends who would translate and B is pretty French too! I had no idea!!

This night was so fun to put ourselves out there. I’m no bilingual but being there made me want to better my French. It was definitely a bizarre experience hearing everyone laugh while I sat quietly, not understanding what’s going on. And I love to laugh. Must get better at French.

Also my friend was amazing. She’s so talented and brave and, obviously, funny!