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She’s Black He’s Jewish Oh Vey!

Date #343 – Tuesday, July 8, 2014

NOTE: B talks about sexually specific issues in this post.

A: B and I went to see She’s Black He’s Jewish They’re Married Oy Vey! at the Fringe Fest this year and it was… interesting. It was about married couple – she’s black, he’s jewish – and their performance was about successful marriage and how, if two people stemming from arguably the most repressed histories can come together and be incredibly happy in life and love, then you can too. In that regard it was funny. I enjoy sexually humorous and adventurous content, especially in public, but I am so passionate about not fitting into a box that I get a little turned off when shows are simply about heteronormative love. I think we live in a day and age where we no longer have to fit into boxes and follows formulas and there’s a freedom in that. I know a lot of people don’t see this or understand it or have had the opportunity to learn about this sort of approach to life and that heteronormative art/shows/stories take away from the possibility of people learning that there’s more to life and love than that.

I was happy to be there with B. I hope that we can spend the rest of our lives going to shows and seeing art and experiencing people in this way.

B: OH MY GOSH this play was hilarious! I laughed so hard!!

I think a play featuring people making fun of themselves, talking crudely about their own sex-lives, and ultimately offering up some great relationship advice is the perfect date. I’m so happy that we went.

I understand A’s observations about things being slightly heteronormative, but I also think these two were trying to say “this is our story and here’s what we learned that may help you too.”  There were a few times where they made broad statements that painted all couples as woman + man. 

There was one point where I felt somewhat uncomfortable that I haven’t talked to A about…It was when the two went on about the lesson “never let him cum first.” It was a lesson based off the idea that when a man ejaculates he doesn’t want to do anything else. Taken further and more broadly, this could be meant as “always put your partner’s needs in front of your’s”…or not.

Anyways, I know this feeling well. It’s quite often true. I don’t know what it is or why, but when I ejaculate I do loose most of my sexual interest. It has nothing to do with A and I am happy to kiss her and cuddle, I just don’t really want to do anything sexual after. 

I love making A happy in all ways. Sexually, I know she often pays a lot of attention to me (with no pressure or suggestion from me at all). So when this came up in the play I felt like I was blushing a lot and thinking “Oh no! I cum first all the time. We’ve never talked about this!”

Looks like we need to have a conversation…

Domestic Day – Date #28 – July 13, 2013

B: before the week even began A suggested some downtime. I agreed (knowing it would mean the rare treat of going to Costco..seriously, I never get to go and I love it) and so I agreed. the day started me making a nutritious pre-workout breakfast followed by an amazing Crossfit workout for me at Academy of Lions. A went to her gym and then picked up some delicious iced americanos from Fahrenheit Coffee before meeting me on the streetcar. we headed back to her house for some much needed beach time before going shopping at Costco.

that night A made us a simple but very satisfying cheese pizza before we headed into my final stint at Ask Roulette as part of the Fringe Festival. the basic idea is strangers asking and answering questions from other strangers. I was a “special guest” meaning I got to answer more than one question. 

that night I told about having awkward crush I had on my first-cousin-once-remove before I realized she was my cousin, wanting to have dinner with my dead Grandfather (who I’ve never met), and I shared a really personal and private moment between A and I. this, of course, was in front of A and her close friend and a huge group of strangers. 

A and her friend also participated and told fantastic personal stories.

A: The beach is at the end of my street and it needed to be used. It was fun and funny and hot. I never casually relaxed at the beach at any point in my life but there’s never a bad time to begin, especially with such wondrous company.

Mag/a/zine Meetup & Fringe Festival – Date #24 – July 6, 2013

B: Saturday was a packed day with a lot of options. Fortunately A and I coordinated our schedules. I picked her up from work and we first went to a Toronto ‘zine meetup/celebration/reading called Mag/a/zine put on by Static Zine, Nest and others. It was better than expected and really inspired me to write more. After we went to the Toronto Fringe where A got to watch me tell a very…revealing…story as part of Ask Roulette.

A: I had beer. Took the edge off. ALL GOOD GUYS!