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Obvious Child

Date #348 – Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A: B’s bud told us to check out this movie called Obvious Child so we made a plan to go. It ended up only being B and I because his friend was late and it sold out! Well, he missed a great flick. This film was so cute and good and progressive and funny. I wrote about it on my blog because I loved it so much. Basically, sitting beside B during the opening skit made me giggle a lot. Go see it and then we’ll talk.

B: I’ll just tell you…the opening skit talks about what really goes on with women’s underwear. It was a revelation for me and, based on the way many of the women in the theatre were laughing, it was totally true.

I thought “yeah, I always figured it would be kind of messy down there…it just makes sense,” and finally someone was de-mistifying it for me. 

Anyways, the movie was hilarious and I am so happy I saw it with A. I was sad my friend missed out. I really like when A and I get to hang out with other people. We’re so busy it doesn’t happen much.

Short Film work

Date #328 – Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A: I asked the 8-ball if we’d ever finish this short film and the answer was “unlikely.” Well we’ll show you!!!

B: OK, while writing this post I can admit I am behind in working on a draft score of the film. A has trusted me to write all the music for this film and I don’t want to let her down.

Do you ever procrastinate on a project because you feel an intense pressure to do really well? 

Short film meeting & Double Date!

Date #294 – Monday, May 26, 2014

A:We worked on the film again with the people who will be shooting it and ended up getting dinner at this Chinese restaurant on Spadina which was pretty delicious. I never would’ve went in there because it’s the place with all the dead animals in the window (*tear*) and so it was cool to step beyond that, I guess. It was pretty affordable too!

B: Do you ever have that moment where you hang out with people you’ve known for awhile but feel like you just hung out with them for the first time…in a good way?? Despite that A and I’ve known the lead Editor and her Partner for almost a year, this was a totally new experience with them.

The restaurant was amazing and we got this huge plate filled with various Chinese mushrooms and other vegetables for under $10. I love living in a city where I can experience different cultures. The Editor told us all about living in Sri Lanka and other places and when she first met her partner. It was all so new and beautiful and I’m happy I got to share it with A. 

Short Film Work

Date #291 – Saturday, May 24, 2014

A:This little film is a lot more work than I thought! THANKFULLY I have gotten an incredible team together and we met up today to talk logistics and to work out all that we need to do. I’m so lucky and grateful to have this opportunity. I can’t even express in words how grateful I am.

B: Watching A lead other’s is a real treat. She has an incredibly creative mind and I’m so happy that others see this too. It was a lot of fun to get together with everyone, go through the script, and really start to see the pieces come together.

A has written an amazing script and assembled an amazing team.

Hot Docs Opening Night

Date #267 – Thursday April 24, 2014

A: It was hilarious to think we only met a year ago. We met on April 30th, 2013. B says we met before that but I really don’t think so. Not memorably, anyway. We probably did cross paths… who knows. I had swore off dating the day before B spoke to me for the first time and I kept thinking, as B was talking to me, “What does this person want???” Well don’t we all know now… lol

B: A was already working and I got called in to a shift. It was perfect because this was the opening night of Hot Docs and we both love this festival. When A and I first met I was volunteering for the festival and she was working at the cinema. In addition to showcasing amazing documentaries, this festival will always be a reminder of how we met and how we share a love of so many things.

Toronto Screenwriting Conference Day 1

Date #246 – Saturday April 5, 2014

A: Screenwriter that I am, I wanted to volunteer for this awesome conference and was happy to hear B signed up too! We weren’t with the same groups but it was fun to have him around. I learned so much from execs and Michael Arndt (the writer of Toy Story 3), it was such a great opportunity. We also met epic and inspiring people who I’m excited to have coffee with in coming weeks!

B: I signed up to volunteer for this conference because I know screenwriting is a big part of who A is and what makes her awesome. She is so talented and I want to better understand her crafts. 

I’m really happy I signed up because I got to both spend time with A and hear amazing and talented people speak. Michael Arndt’s speech on the challenges of writing Toy Story 3 was amazing and I learned so much. Here is a shorter version of that speech: 

A little buff cop lovin’ from Prisoners – Date #74 – September 23, 2013

A: B surprised me by waiting outside my gym after my 7:15pm class and suggested we catch Prisoners at Varsity Theatre. It was long but great; the story unfolds in such a way that keeps you both interested and entertained and I was happy to know it’s a Canadian blockbuster-level piece of work. on the walk home I couldn’t stop stressing about being homeless (okay, bad bad bad choice of word but I’m moving and haven’t signed a new lease yet and I am very aware of the problem with community and social housing for those who actually are without a home so I dislike using that word, even if it’s only inside my head but now that I’ve explained it I feel I will pick a new word next time). Looking for housing in my price range is very difficult and as I get older and the more and more I speak with Toronto residents about their cost of living, my brain works overtime trying to process the economic and proprietary state of this city and our country. I’ve lived in London, Ottawa, Vancouver, and now Toronto and it’s not any better in those cities. Perhaps I need to reshape my thinking on this subject, but that requires a little more reflection. Short and sweet, the movie was great and I’m excited to move into a new apartment in a more central location (at a very ridiculous price).

B: I didn’t really plan the evening with A. I stopped trying to “plan” things and have started to have a few rough sketches of how our dates could go. This one could  have been a walk home and making dinner but I’m happy we saw the movie. I normally don’t like sitting in the tiny VIP theaters, but this film was so intense and intimate it seemed like A and I had a living room to ourselves (but we didn’t so I could only look at her and think of how beautiful she is rather than tell her). Essentially perfect.

I could tell she was worrying about the place on the way how so I tried to reassure her. Finding places in the city is tough, but the worst case scenario would be her staying with me for a month…and that’s not that bad.  

S’all about Salinger – Date #58 – September 5, 2013

A: The information attained about Salinger through this film is astounding, incredible, heartwarming, truthful, and, to be honest, not all that shocking. I feel unsettled learning that he believed the way fans should know a writer is solely through their work and I now feel like I peeked behind a curtain I wasn’t supposed to look behind. It’s the idea of someone telling you not to do something but you harbour so much love and admiration and need for it that you do it anyway and now the world will know all about the man that only wanted to be known through Holden Caulfield. I have such a strange love for him that was sparked in grade 10 when I first read the book. I kind of shared it all with B on the streetcar home after we got in an argument when I turned into a total zombie after this film – I was trying to process everything I had just learned. To be honest, I want to see the film again. And I want to read the book that just came out Tuesday. I don’t even want… I need. That’s how serious I take all of this. 

Major bonus – B’s favourite writer is Salinger too. This is amazing.

B: I thought I told A that Salinger is my favourite writer before…I guess not. Everything she says about this film is true. Read the article she wrote for Toronto Social Review – it’s incredible.

I love how A is transported by film. I get really frustrated when I don’t know what is going on, it comes from my compulsion to take care of everyone. A and I talked about this and I think I won’t get as frustrated by this in the future because now I will know what is going on.