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Guardians Let Down + Deliver Us From Evil

Date #342 – Monday, July 7, 2014

A: I got intel on a preview of Guardians of the Galaxy and found out how to get tickets. I went two hours early, B meeting me there, only to find out that it was a 17 minute preview of the scene – and we didn’t even like it. I was so many. I hated that we wasted so much time there and no one even said once it was only 17 minutes. Multiple people were confused, too. Well I wrote IMAX later and complaint that their wording was off. The ticket read: Guardians of the Galaxy – first look with an exclusive 17 minutes of footage. What do you think?

IMAX ended up compensating us with two tickets which was really nice. We also went to see Deliver Us From Evil which I thought was funny. It was our first horror in the theatre (and second overall). When we first met I asked B if he liked horror movies and he said yes. I was stoked to have a buddy to get scared with! ……but every time I suggest a horror movie B looks at like and says, “But that’s scary.” It’s adorable so I can’t get mad but, finally, we’re watching them! What should be our third??

B: I pay a lot of attention to customer service. I’ve worked for a lot of companies and I currently freelance in Media, so I really obsess over intended messages, audiences, and connecting with people.

I think Marvel Studios’ “preview” was a MASSIVE fail. I think it set the wrong expectation and, as a result, let a lot of people down. Also, they missed out on an opportunity to get a bunch of fans talking about the movie super-early.

But, it’s killing at the box-office and we were nicely reimbursed for our time so that’s all good.

What is more important is how A and I noted the one female character (and I include all background characters in this statement) we saw during our 17-minute scene. Yes, only ONE. It was an indicator of what I already suspected, a studio who in its ten releases has yet to release a film with a female lead, still doesn’t get it. Not having seen the entire film, I’ll leave you with a quote from this Salon review:

Gunn genuinely went out to create a film with “strong female characters” and was savvy enough to include a basic Bechdel pass. But then secure in the knowledge that he was meeting that goal, he failed to realize that jokes about prostitution and background characters like the Collector’s assistant and Peter Quill’s one-night-stands would serve to undermine those intentions.

We go to the Miley Cyrus concert

Date #241 – Mon Mar 31, 2014 

A: I teared up a couple times. Miley is so amazing. Why? Read this quick and totally biased intro to Miley Cyrus that I wrote before the concert.

She sang her new stuff and Jolene and Party in the USA and Can’t Be Tamed and some Bob Dylan and and and – it was epic. I teared up a bit. I think I said that. I loved how B kept commenting on the production of the show, too. That made me laugh. At one point he offered to get me a beer and he got me this MASSIVE one that made me laugh a lot. When my eyes popped out he shrugged and said, I don’t know!! Then I drank it alllll.

B: THIS CONCERT WAS AMAZING!! A and I are huge Miley fans (A much more than me) and seeing Miley was incredible. The show is a massive production full of colour and costumes and a lot of choreography. So many thoughts ran through my head watching the show.

Most of the audience were young women, some scantily clad some in costumes, most singing and dancing and smiling. Looking around I thought how amazing it is for these young women and girls to feel so comfortable to express themselves. Miley encourages that.

She swore a bit too much for my liking, but it really seems like she loves her fans and what she is doing. Most important, she seems comfortable being herself. I am so happy I got to experience this with A.

Riddles + Grandma’s House – Date #56 – September 2, 2013

B: A’s Grandmother doesn’t live to far from Toronto so we decided to visit her on the holiday Monday. I’d only met her on Snapchat so I was super excited (and surprisingly not super nervous…only a bit). The Internet was down at A’s (it has been for days :$) so we stopped at Dark Horse to get some work done. A insisted on going to Dark Horse because she liked their coffee more than Te Aro’s, which is awesome because that means her pallet is developing. While there we tried to solve a riddle to get a free coffee. I love riddles and I love that A got into it too.

We then drove, got Pizza, briefly argued about something neither of us can remember, and arrived to meet her Grandmother and Mom. We all ate pizza and joked around. Later A’s Aunt, Uncle, and Cousin stopped by. Her cousin and I practised hand-stands outside. It was pretty sweet!

That night we fell asleep watching Breaking Bad in A’s room. She held me real tight during the Train-Heist episode. It was cool to watch her show the same emotions with the same intensity as I did when I watched that episode. woo!

A: B forgot to mention that he SOLVED the riddle at Dark Horse. Ugh. I’m so competitive. 

B meeting my family felt like it should have been a big deal but I was ridiculously more hopeful than nervous (which isn’t usually the case… even with friends). His ability to make conversation and to make people feel included is admirable. My little cousin started high school this week and it was nice to hang out and not feel like there was something new there (as in B). It all felt natural. (For the record, I lost again – the first time the riddle – when I arm wrestled my cousin and she beat me. A 14-year-old beat me. This actually happened because her dad said only guys can do rings and I said she could do them if she wanted to – that we could work hard to do them together – and then we’d be strong and more awesome than we already are. She said she’d never be strong enough so I told her she already was incredibly strong… hence the arm wrestle. And no, I did not let her win.)

It was a nice Monday.