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Figment FUNdraiser Art Party

Date #306 – Saturday, June 7, 2014

A: We got to be a part of this epic fundraiser for Figment Toronto happening in July. Our project Disposable was well-received thanks to the awesome attendees and despite our totally lethargic and sleepy vibe. Spending the day in the sun and then the night running an installation was exhilarating and…. blurry.

B: I can’t believe that we did both Field Trip and this installation in one day – especially with me still healing from a car accident! We actually set up before going to Field Trip and we did it so quick. A and I were so efficient. I love when we work together and we operate like a well oiled machine. One big challenge is documenting all of the cups we collect, but A and I just devised a system without really discussing much and went to it.

The people at Figment are amazing and the whole event was incredible. I’m really sad that we may not be able to attend the actual festival on July 26-27.

Create A Buzz!

Date #254 – Thursday April 10, 2014

A: We presented Disposable at East End Arts Create A Buzz! night. It’s a night where artists have 3 (THREE!) minutes to present their projects or programs involving art and the public is welcome to come listen and perhaps invite presenters to festivals or curated nights. It was ALL B’s plan and execution, as I mentioned in Date #252. 

I was nervous and stuttered a lot. B is a natural presenter and practices this a lot. I am SO RUSTY. I barely present anything anywhere. I’m a writer. I sit at home in my head and share my thoughts every so often. And our 3 minutes went by so quickly. But it was a great night. I met some really great people and we have some great activities on the horizon! Woo! (Thank you East End Arts!)

B: This event was really incredible. I love working with A and I got so inspired to keep moving forward with our project. Meeting everyone and showcasing Disposable made me realize that our mission to inspire people to re-think their coffee-cup consumption is an important one.

Check out our presentation:

Work day & Packers game – Date #118 – November 10, 2013

B: A said she wanted to work a lot on this essay she is writing. I had some work I had to do on Canadian Music. So, we got up early (ish) and headed to Fuel +for coffee and writing. Sitting there and working away, drinking great coffee, felt great. I love having a relationship where we can just work side-by-side.

When we finally got hungry we tried going to a bar to watch the Packers vs. Eagles game. Unfortunately, that proved to be difficult, so we payed waaay to much for Hero veggie burgers and poutine (they now have veggie gravy) and headed to A’s to stream the game. They also can make their poutine’s with sweet potato fries, which is sweet because I don’t like eating potatoes (for their effect on your GI). 

While eating my burger A took a bite of hers and yelled, “Yuck! Ugh, there is hot sauce on this! This is your burger!” Sadly, A switched our burgers and I just started eating away not thinking of much. Luckily she is understanding and awesome and gladly ate her poutine and ¼ of a  burger.

Also, normally I cheer for the Eagles, but today I cheered for the Packers. They’ve now lost 2 QB’s, which has A and I worried for our first live Packers game on Nov 28.

A: I don’t recall this being a work day haha. Oh. Right. Did we go to Fuel? I need to reflect on these dates sooner rather than later. Sneak peak into the future: I start to slack! It’s like we got to 10% of 1000 and I’m like PSHHH. But yes. Buddy in a suitcase (from carting goods around for Disposable). Mini espresso from Fuel (yes – pics or it didn’t happen, right??). Wait… not mini espresso. Espresso. Dumb. Then we tried to go watch the Packers game at a sports bar in the village – BUT THAT DOESN’T EXIST. It was quite hilarious. We went to a sports bar, the bartender changed it to football, then an older customer approached the bartender in quite a flamboyant tone saying, “Why’s the TV on?? Where’s the music??? I’m done here if you’re playing sports!” storming out. The bartender looked at us ashamed saying, “My regulars are…difficult.” It was funny, I thought. Poor bartender. So instead we blew 40 bucks at Hero burger. The worst.

Later we freaked out cause we thought our Disposable photo hit the main page on Tumblr – but we were wrong lol. Our project isn’t that popular…..YET.

Art hangover – Date #117 – November 9, 2013

A: I don’t know why the photos are sideways. Computers hate when I tell them what to do. Maybe, if this all sounds strange, B will have fixed them. He tends to do that to my world. It’s slightly askew and he keeps it tilting back to a level position. Sometimes I don’t want that so we butt heads but that’s that. Today we went for brunch at the cafe across from where B lives. It’s so gd delicious.  I want it now. Toasted baguette instead of bread. Oh god. Drooling.  We were buzzing all day after Disposable. It was foggy but incredibly positive energy.

B: I did fix them. A knows that I can be very detail oriented and obsessive. This breakfast was AMAZING!!! I ate an omelette, salad, waffles (made of almond flour. woo!) and then half of A’s breakfast. I told her I “Ron Swansoned” the thing. The restaurant was http://easyrestaurant.ca, named after Easy Rider. 

Disposable!!! – Date #116 – Nov 8, 2013

A: This was interesting and invigorating and refreshing and fun in a whole other way I’d never experienced. I haven’t displayed, promoted, or participated in interactive art/visual art presentation since… high school. Sadly. But meeting B has completely changed my outlook on this possibility. Quite factually, he’s made it a reality for me. For us. He said from the beginning that he wanted to be with someone who he could create with. I hope I can be that for him, despite my ruthless need to create alone and in my head and to not show anyone – this is common, I know, but come on, Andrea, a good thing is going on here. :O)

B: My and A’s first collaborative art installation. It was a whirwind 2 weeks getting Disposable set up. The last day of setups went really smoothly.

Disposable was taking place in a giant concert-house, with multiple room, for an event called Long Winter. There were tons of bands, art, dance performances, vegan food. It is a wicked, monthly event. We were in the main hall. A and I worked well together getting everything read, and the whole installation looked amazing. The whole night we worked like a well-oiled machine, taking photos, stacking cups, we even strung some cups over the entire hall, using the balconies. It was so much fun and I can’t wait to keep doing this on our way to collecting 1.2 Million cups.