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Onion Goggles & Cookies

Date #344 – Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A: You can make fun of me all you want but those onions were STRONG and those ski goggles helped…. a little. The acid fumes still got to my eyes believe it or not, but we got it done. B and I made lentil masala (I’m guessing that’s what it’s called) and the BEST pale chico chip cookies ever!! (We haven’t made them in SO long!) And… of course… Orphan Black.

B: This was hilarious. A put on these goggles from the 80s to chop onions while we made dinner together. She is adorable.

After, while watching Orphan Black we made these Paleo cookies (no grains or processed items). I think the recipe is vegan too…

Anyways, the cookies actually were even better than they looked and I ate way too many. Mmmmm…

Double Mom Birthdays!

Date #217 – March 8, 2014

A: I was really nervous for this dinner but it was solely due to my own control issues and insecurities that I know now I should keep to myself. I have never had a parent-parent dinner. It’s weird. It went well and both our moms said they had a good time. I think the funniest moment was B’s mom’s reaction to my mom saying, “Oh yeah, it’s true love,” referring to me and B. B’s mom’s eyes widened. My mom has a checklist of things she wants and has always pressed me to come through for her. This is the first time I haven’t wholeheartedly fought her on it and I think it gives her a sense of clairvoyance. She is also a positivist; if you think that it is, then it is… or maybe it’s the wine that makes her this way, haha. 

B: I was nervous about this dinner too. We ate at Le Saint Tropez, which had OK food and an amazing piano player.

Our parents have met, but people can be particular about birthdays and dinners are another bag of tricks. I did really want A’s Mom to come, and when A’s Mom protested for a bit I convinced her to come – I think she was nervous too. It was a lot of fun and definitely eased the tension a bit (even when my Mom criticized me for rolling my cuffs). I’m glad our parents get along.

Eat Your Dinner!

Date #181 – Jan 27, 2013

B: For the past week I was feeling very melancholic. I have no idea why, but this night it showed up in my lack of appetite. After A came over from yoga I made a delicious dinner of vegetables in hoisin sauce. 

As A sat at the table and ate (I think eating meals at a table is important) I played with my food like a child. A noticed and very sternly told me to eat my food. I played along and pouted. She said, eat your oranges and greens (broccoli and carrots) and I’ll eat the rest (mushrooms and onions). I pouted but obliged.

The whole thing must have been so hilarious to us we didn’t take a photo. Also, yes, this was the most interesting thing from the night. I blame our lack of interesting dates on this Polar Vortex!

A: YAWN. We’re SO BORING. That’s why YOU should SPICE it up for US. We’re looking for date ideas on V-day!

(Our night was so boring I am plugging a FUTURE date. Resourceful!)

Two smart cookies – Date #68 – September 17th 2013

A: I don’t know why we don’t have a picture of MY cookies that I made on Saturday. Oh wait… YES. I do. I do know why. It’s cause they sucked!!!

I wanted to make my chocolate chip cookies on Saturday and so I begun when B told me to replace this with that and that with this and I got so mad and frustrated because the coconut oil isn’t the same as EVOO nor does it taste or bake the same, etc., and my cookies turned out so shitty. I had to blame Brian. I shouldn’t have… but… I wanted to make my cookies and they didn’t work out and we got all frustrated cause B wanted to help and for them to be healthy and I just wanted sugar and chocolate in my belly and it was all a mess. So. Last night he’s like, “Let’s make paleo cookies,” and he even let slip to his roomie that he wanted to show me that cookies can taste good when you use the ingredients properly so it was like he was proving a point but the thing is they DID taste good – so good – so now I’m all hmph. Whose cookies are better???? Why do I feel this is a competition????? Why can’t we just eat all the cookies and be happy? “We can!” I tell myself. We can. And we will. And we did. And we’re doing it now. I’m eating one now. They’re really good. Ugh. Why can’t my cookies taste like this? These cookies are sooooo good.

B: I’m so happy A liked these cookies. When she was making hers all I could think was, “I hate non-paleo baking,” and, “I want to eat her cookies but I don’t want to feel guilty about it.”

(for those who don’t know, Paleo essentially means eating like our ancestors – only meat, veggies, small amounts of fruit, nuts, seeds, eggs, and butter. nothing else. check out this site if you want to learn more)

Rather than having a conversation about things I told A to do this and that and she told me to back off. Ultimately “her” cookies weren’t as bad as she says.

Making Paleo cookies was about doing it right. Doing something together. I like that A shows much more of an interest in cooking and baking. We made these cookies and these vegan tacos. A helped a lot and asked questions about what she didn’t understand, like “we don’t have enough honey, what do we do?” and, “what makes these cookies Paleo?”

Ultimately, almond flour, honey, eggs, macadamia nuts (we added them) and non-dairy pure cocoa chips are delicious on their own and also together. Better enjoyed with loved ones.

Dinner and doing work – Date #45 – August 19, 2013

A: We had a bunch of to-dos on our plate so that occupied most of our night before a sweet episode of Breaking Bad (almost caught up!!!) and some chit chats about our relationship. being incredibly, busy, motivated, complex, and strong-willed people, we’re learning to fit together. I think we’re what the other needs in a partner, and being stubborn and self-aware makes our conversations about where we fit all the more invigorating.

B: I think A gets me more than anyone. Things are still new and I’m sure she’s learning how frustrated I can get over seemingly nothing. For some reason, all night, I couldn’t vocalize that all I want to do is spend my time with her doing amazing things until we were almost asleep. Thankfully she is patient and understanding and adorable (I mean, look at that face!)

Spicy vegan pizza for dinner – Date #13 – June 18, 2013

B: As part of my Thrive Diet meal plan I made this pizza for dinner. The crust had some chilli peppers and was too spicy for Andrea 🙁

A: I can do hot but I can’t do spicy 😉 (Yeah, I just said that.) (Also, Brian is fucking awesome with food.)