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Obvious Child

Date #348 – Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A: B’s bud told us to check out this movie called Obvious Child so we made a plan to go. It ended up only being B and I because his friend was late and it sold out! Well, he missed a great flick. This film was so cute and good and progressive and funny. I wrote about it on my blog because I loved it so much. Basically, sitting beside B during the opening skit made me giggle a lot. Go see it and then we’ll talk.

B: I’ll just tell you…the opening skit talks about what really goes on with women’s underwear. It was a revelation for me and, based on the way many of the women in the theatre were laughing, it was totally true.

I thought “yeah, I always figured it would be kind of messy down there…it just makes sense,” and finally someone was de-mistifying it for me. 

Anyways, the movie was hilarious and I am so happy I saw it with A. I was sad my friend missed out. I really like when A and I get to hang out with other people. We’re so busy it doesn’t happen much.

Our new company + Fried cheese

Date #347 – Monday, July 14, 2014

A: If ever I want to eat a bag of chips or box of cookies, B makes me friend cheese. Literally. Slice up some cheddar and fry it in the pan. It’s delicious. We watched the Jays game and worked on our logo for the company we’re starting. It was a nice, relaxing, and productive evening. We didn’t get a whole lot done but, like coming up with our name, we found it effective to brainstorm then let our ideas settle. 

B: Yes, that plate I am holding – that looks like it has mashed sweet potatoes or raw cookie dough – is actually fried cheese. Basically you heat coconut oil and butter in a pan on medium, add one large block of cheese, let it melt, flip once. It’s a half-decent way to get some healthy fats and a great way to satisfy cravings.

After we watched the MLB Homerun Derby – which I love. A didn’t quite understand the derby before it began. But, when the Blue Jays‘ own Jose Bautista hit 10 homeruns in a row she got in to the festivities. Unfortunately it was all downhill after that. 

I had a great time working on ideas for our company. We settled on a name and did mockups of a logo and started brainstorming social media profiles. We’ve been thinking about this for awhile and I will say it is an idea that perfectly fits our personalities. Stay tuned for more…