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Acting out Lion King

Date #325 – Monday, June 23, 2014

A: My cat, Little Buddy, is the purrrrfect distraction when I’m working. Of course, I roped B into this one and played the Lion King song on my computer while he took a photo. Buddy couldn’t have minded more. He was high as a kite (as high as a kite could be in my apartment)….. 

I got a lot of work done.

B: A describes this scene a lot more organized than I recall…

As I remember, A was talking manically to her cat Buddy and spinning him all over the apartment. I said the it was like she was Rafiki and she looked at me quizzically. I said, “You know, ‘cause you’re a primate and he’s a feline!” 

THEN she put on the Lion King soundtrack and I took this photo. I love how A can act like a total goofball. I think the two of us should goof around more. We often take things so seriously when really we need more goofing.

Healing practices, OITND, + National Doughnut Day

Date #304 – Friday, June 6, 2014

A: It wasn’t until we were back at my apartment and well into Orange is the New Black that I realized it was Lua’s 8th birthday AND also National Doughnut Day. Because of all this we promptly left on a search for doughnuts. Unfortunately my neighbourhood is hurting for two things: an abundance of coffee shops and bakeries. There’s basically nothing and, no, we do not count Starbucks, Country Style, Tim’s, blah blah. We don’t count those. But today we had to.

And I know I want to blame B for being a horrendous influence by saying over and over that “I never used to eat ANY doughnuts before I met Brian” (which is TRUE)…. but it’s more likely this thing called self-control. That. I don’t have that. Any advice on how to get some would be great.

B: I could blame my on-again-off-again doughnut obsession on my Dad, but like A said, it’s about self-control. I was feeling sad for myself and my accident so of course I used National Doughnut Day to indulge!

If we were in my neighbourhood (Little Italy) I could visit an array of local bakeries, but we weren’t and we were only able to find Country Style. We started watching Orange is the New Black and I have to say the first few episodes were disappointing, unfocused, and drawn out. Multiple times I noticed how shots went on to long and many scenes were simply people standing around talking. Luckily, the doughnuts were pretty good.

Sleeping to Mad Men – Date #166 – January 10th

A: B worked so hard on his radio show that was airing on the weekend that he fell asleep at 9:10 Friday night. It was adorable. Lua (my cat) sprawled out. B sleeping soundly. Buddy (my other cat) being an ass. I watched Mad Men all night until I couldn’t keep my eyes open. It was an eventful start to the weekend.

B: Yeah, so I’ve started hosting weekends on CBC Radio 3. It’s an awesome gig that I am super excited for. The combination of my friends visiting on Date #165 and the extra-prep for my shows had me pretty tired (more tired than I realized). I basically came over and fell asleep with my clothes on. I woke up the next day naked. I don’t know how that happened.

A: For the record, I don’t know either.

Bye bye kitty Coop – Date #73 – September 22, 2013

A: I have two cats, Lua and Buddy, and, when my cousin moved in with me, he brought Coop. He really wanted a cat but this past year proved that he isn’t quite ready for the responsibility so, as we’re moving and not together, he asked me to find a home for Coop. I did. We dropped him off at my lovely and lovable friend’s house where I think he’ll be uber happy. I miss him but I saw in my cat Lua that she wasn’t happy with him (they never got along) and, since Lua is the first living creature that taught me to love, her happiness is very important to me. I also greatly understand the territorial nature of felines and I think it’s best to keep the proper amount in the proper amount of space. 

This entry is dedicated to the loving and snuggly presence Coop had in our lives and I can’t wait to visit him every once in a while. 🙂 

B: I will miss Cooper. Him and I got along great…even though he did wake me up by walking on my face at night. I know leaving Coop was especially hard for A and I admire her strength in the situation. Hopefully everyone is better off in this scenario.

Kittens, Cats and Oktoberfest – Date #72 – September 21, 2013

B: A’s Mom brought two kittens and I let me play with them. I’ve never held kittens before. They are adorable, and vulnerable and when they look at you with their innocent eyes it melts your heart. Who wouldn’t want these? A’s Mom rescued these kittens from the side of the road because she is awesome. So someone didn’t want them or couldn’t keep them – their loss.

After we went to see Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cats with an all-Canadian cast. It was another first for me and it was also awesome (for different reasons).

After the three of us made the long and rainy walk to the Steamwhistle Brewery in an old railway house (you know, the round ones where they store train cars) for Oktoberfest. As a non-drinker I was skeptical, but A and I were covering the event for Toronto Social Review so we got in free. The event turned out to be AMAZING though! The staff were super friendly and helpful (despite a sold-out crowd and long-lines in the rain), we got these amazing steins for beer (I gave my tickets to A and her Mom), there was a tone of vegetarian-friendly German food (including pretzels and three mustards – my fav) and everyone was super chatty and nice. A’s Mom is so proud of her that she kept promoting Toronto Social Review. A took a bunch of photos of the happy people for Twitter and Instagram and we made a bunch of new friends. Yay!

A: It was a very feline-centric afternoon. Right meow all I can think of are those tiny little boppers and it was B’s first time holding such a little creation. He was a natural. He has such a soft and loving soul. It’s so obvious sometimes it makes my heart melt. 

Kittens and rain and beer and festive German culture also make my heart melt. Random fact – I lived in Berlin for a year a couple years ago and it’s one of my most favourite places in the world (besides Toronto now… I KNOW…). I can always prosit to that.

Dinner at A’s – Date #42 – August 13, 2013

B: I wish I had a photo of this awesome dinner. A suddenly wiped up a stir-fry, some Kale chips, and these spinach-cheese bites. I remember when she used to go on about not being good at cooking…oh how things have changed!

A: I can cook – I just can’t cook something that requires a recipe. Unless it’s vegan chocolate chip cookies. I got those down to a science. MMMM! (But yes, okay, I’ve gotten a bit better… okay… a lot better… in general. But I think that comes with the knowledge I’m getting from B.)

Also – these are my cats. It’s the only photo from that night and I love them and their names are Little Buddy (top) and Lua (bottom) and they’re the best and they’re so loving and cuddly and talkative and great and – oh – the most important part – have you ever met someone you think is great and then you find out they hate cats? B loves my cats. If you have cats, you know how important and great that feels. I could go on and on and on…………….but I’ll spare you.