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Brunch and Bellwoods

Date #292 – Sunday, May 25, 2014

A:My mom was in town this morning and we went for brunch at Cafe Diplomatico – very affordable and delicious! I want it now. Urgh.

Afterward, my mom headed out and B and I went to Bellwoods and hung out in the grass. It was so nice. I was the first day we truly did nothing and I didn’t even feel guilty. I usually feel guilty when I do nothing but this was a beautiful and relaxing afternoon. (Also my first at Bellwoods for this long of time…! #newb)

B: I was totally in need of sun and relaxation. When A called about brunch she figured I would be waiting in line at the bluejays game for a free jersey. I was so tired I slept through this. I SLEPT THROUGH GETTING A FREE BASEBALL JERSEY!?!?! Weird! (I kind of regret this now, but…the body needs what it needs)

Café Diplomatico is right around the corner from me, but I’ve never been. It was nice to have a proper brunch with A’s Mom and her Mom’s friend. 

Going to the park was incredible. I love sitting around and watching people. Bellwoods can get so packed with such a diverse group of people. We saw slack-liners, musicians, photographers, children running around. We got some coffee at White Squirrel and tossed the baseball around. Perfect!

Brunch with Friends

Date #271 – Sunday April 27, 2014

B: Two of my closest friends in the world (and avid readers of this site) came to visit from Halifax. This is the reason A and I didn’t stay to watch the baseball game after waiting 2 hours in line for our bobble heads (Date #270).

We met up with them at one of my favourite brunch spots, Voodoo Child. A had an Americano and I had a Pourover made with coffee from Phil & Sebastien (an amazing roaster in Calgary, AB). A got eggs (very typical) and I decided to indulge in brie stuffed french toast. It was AMAZING!!! Later we went to Manic Coffee for coffee made with a clover and gelato.

It was so much fun to see these two. They are artistic and kind and have such great energy. I find talking with them really puts everything in to perspective and I’m excited to see what amazing things they get up to in Halifax.

A: I like them too! Very funny and fun to hang out with. B said, “I think the couple we’ve hung out with most are Candy and Brett.” And I said, “Actually, it’s your parents.” *blushes*

This is our life!

Brunch then football – Date #145 – December 15, 2013

A: DELICIOUS brunch at Voodoo Child between Bathurst and Spadina on College. Not only can B get an epic coffee but their scramble was so amazingly delicious. I had pear tea which I would also recommend. It’s a little pricier than a cheap breakfast spot but the quality is there. 

Our afternoon was spent trading off the cheese hat and watching an EPIC come-back for the Packers against the Cowboys. It was so amazing. They were down 20 points at the half and swept the 3rd and 4th with… what? Four touchdowns? So great.

B: I am so happy we found Voodoo Child. A looked so pleased with her tea and my breakfast and espresso were delicious. I’ve passed the place many a time, but never gone in (I think the name is a bit off-putting). We sat at the large communal table and everything felt so….Toronto…or like home. Walking to A’s she stopped unexpectedly and it was then I found out that she loves watching snow plows. It was an adorable moment and an adorable fact to learn.

Watching the Packers was great. I realized how much I actually care about the team’s success because I care so much about A. A observed how cheering for a sports team can be a really positive and communal thing. I agree.

Art hangover – Date #117 – November 9, 2013

A: I don’t know why the photos are sideways. Computers hate when I tell them what to do. Maybe, if this all sounds strange, B will have fixed them. He tends to do that to my world. It’s slightly askew and he keeps it tilting back to a level position. Sometimes I don’t want that so we butt heads but that’s that. Today we went for brunch at the cafe across from where B lives. It’s so gd delicious.  I want it now. Toasted baguette instead of bread. Oh god. Drooling.  We were buzzing all day after Disposable. It was foggy but incredibly positive energy.

B: I did fix them. A knows that I can be very detail oriented and obsessive. This breakfast was AMAZING!!! I ate an omelette, salad, waffles (made of almond flour. woo!) and then half of A’s breakfast. I told her I “Ron Swansoned” the thing. The restaurant was http://easyrestaurant.ca, named after Easy Rider. 

Brunch at Niche – Date #10 – June 16, 2013

A: I was mad because my friends couldn’t get a seat. I like rain but not when it excludes my besties. The coffee made up for it because coconut milk is tasty and Brian told me not to add sugar which was really great advice. Thanks B.

B: When A realized that you don’t need sugar when adding coconut milk it made me really happy. She can have sugar in anything she wants, it’s not that, I just want to help her reach all of her goals. Her friends not getting a table bummed me out…that and over-spicy sweet potatoes (good for me, too spicy for Andrea). brunch is so precarious.

A: I’m so hungry right now, guys.

Cinco de mayo brunch – Date #1 – May 5, 2013

B: A was really loud and swore a lot on this date. her “don’t fuck with me” attitude intrigued me…it also scarred me a bit. plus I couldn’t take my eyes off her…

A: I swear when I’m around kids. Not purposely but like……….