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Recovery Day 8 – B work work working

Date #358 – Sunday, July 27, 2014

A: B’s been working full-time for a couple weeks now and so I tried reading my book again while he worked. I also ate an ice cream sandwich for breakfast. B was so distracted by work, he didn’t even try to sell me on anything healthier. This is how busy he’s been! Me? Well, I got a concussion and basically stared at a wall for 7 days. But B took care of me so I love him and kept quiet while he caught up.

B: I remember the ice cream sandwiches and not much else. I know I was starting to feel really stressed.

I think A tried to do a few things herself and then needed my help and I was upset for being pulled away from my work. I always get upset when I’m focusing and then get distracted, it’s a reaction and not one I love.

There was a lot of stuff I wanted to finish working on and I know A needed my attention and I felt bad for feeling upset. It wasn’t me being upset with her but the situation. But I know I took this out on her…for which I feel sorry for.

Day 6 of recovery – Harry Potter Audiobook!

Date #356 – Friday, July 25, 2014

A: My friend was sweet enough to hunt down a Harry Potter audiobook for me because I’m not supposed to read. Or… I wasn’t supposed to read. I can read now, but this audiobook is So. Amazing. I can’t even express how much I recommend Jim Dale anything now. He’s such a talented reader/actor. I don’t even know who he is. Let me search. Woaaah, he received 2 grammy nomination for HP audiobooks. He should’ve won. They’re amazing. B and I listened to the first three chapters with “oh yeahs” and “oh rights” as we recalled our memories. We’ve both read the books. I love Harry Potter. I always forget until I get sucked back in again.

B: I haven’t listened to an audio book in FOREVER! It was nice sitting in the dark listening with A. We were still keeping her away from screens as much as possible.

She’s a writer and writes on several TV shows and so this was really difficult. I felt bad but I wanted to make sure she healed as quick as possible to return to some of her writing contracts.

Earlier I forgot to mention that we were listening to calming wave and rain sounds this whole time. I got this app called Noisli. I realized that in addition to helping A, constant background noise keeps me extremely calm (or at least calmer than usual).

Anyways, this was the first time listening to non-ambient sounds and it was cool.

Day 5 of recovery – On the up

Date #355 – Thursday, July 24, 2014

A: B went to work and I went to get a surprise manicure with my friend. It was my first day of feeling better. My bruises were multi-coloured and very present and I picked a super bright neon colour to light up my life. B’s reaction was so adorns: “Aw babe. They’re so pretty.” He makes me feel warm, just taking interest in the colour of my fingers and toes.

I could tell this whole situation was weighing on him, though. Since I was feeling better, I started to do more… er…. try to do more… and he kept saying, “You’re healing. You need to let me help you.” I had to step back. It’s been really hard for me to keep track of how I’m actually feeling and I appreciate B so much for being there for me every step of the way. I honestly would not know what I would have done without him this week.

B: Supposedly on the 5th day of a concussion you can do a few light activities. A spoke with her Brain Injury specialist first and they said she could do a few light activities.

A later told me that talking with her friend started to hit her head and I think she may have pushed herself a bit too much this day. I know she was dreading being cooped up inside with the lights out and nothing really to do. I was happy her friend came to visit (the same one who visited on Tuesday) and I’m happy A was able to try a few “non recovery” activities.

Her nails did look really amazing.