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Recovery Day 8 – B work work working

Date #358 – Sunday, July 27, 2014

A: B’s been working full-time for a couple weeks now and so I tried reading my book again while he worked. I also ate an ice cream sandwich for breakfast. B was so distracted by work, he didn’t even try to sell me on anything healthier. This is how busy he’s been! Me? Well, I got a concussion and basically stared at a wall for 7 days. But B took care of me so I love him and kept quiet while he caught up.

B: I remember the ice cream sandwiches and not much else. I know I was starting to feel really stressed.

I think A tried to do a few things herself and then needed my help and I was upset for being pulled away from my work. I always get upset when I’m focusing and then get distracted, it’s a reaction and not one I love.

There was a lot of stuff I wanted to finish working on and I know A needed my attention and I felt bad for feeling upset. It wasn’t me being upset with her but the situation. But I know I took this out on her…for which I feel sorry for.

Recovery Day 7 – Walking, shopping, working

Date #357 – Saturday, July 26, 2014

A: Finding things that don’t require me to stare at a screen are great – so we went for a walk. A photo walk; sauntering around Church-Wellesly Village and over to some bookstores on Yonge. I also got a bunch of M&Ms because there was a promo code inside to get 2 free movie tickets. Worth it!

Spending time in the bookstore was awesome. B and I picked up a couple books – I got some pulpy syfy from the 40’s and another Bradbury book which was recommended. B got a haiku book and a Richter coffee table book. I smiled like a goof when he told me his book choices. He’s basically a dream of mine. I mean, a haiku book. Swoon.

B: A adorably worked out the cost of these bags of M &Ms and how many you would have to buy to get the 2 movie ticket deal vs the cost of 2 movie tickets and determined it was worth buying the M&Ms. I was worried about all the sugar and also that A can’t eat M&Ms because of her teeth being broken…which meant I would probably eat them all.

We went though and she was super happy. It was cute.

I love being in bookstores. I love being surrounded by all that knowledge. I can’t wait to have my own book of poetry in there. It terrifies me and that means I must do it. I bought a book of Haikus by Masaoka Shiki (I think) and I book of paintings from Gerhardt Richter (one of my favourites).

Sick. Again.

Date #339 – Friday, July 4, 2014

A: It was Independence day AND the first day of TURF… And I had the flu. TURF is my favourite summer festival in the city and I wanted to go so badly but B encouraged me to rest up for day 2 and 3 of the festival instead. It was a good choice, since I was really sick. I never used to get the flu… I guess that’s long gone. I’ll never forget date #2 when B convinced me to come over, even though I had the flu. We watched a movie that used to make me bawl my eyes out as an adolescent. Where the Heart Is. Have you seen it? I think I’m due for a re-watching. Or a re-reading. The book is heart-wrenching. 

B: It’s really hard to tell how sick A is because she HATES being sick and hides her sickness really well. Should we have gone to TURF? Well, Beirut, Born Ruffians, Deer Tick and more were playing. If you don’t know, those are bands that we both LOVE. 

That is how sick A was (and how completely tired I was). I was really tired. I only know this now because I’m asking myself “Did you really miss out on Beirut?”

Spring teaser over lunch

Date #220 – March 11, 2014

A: We interviewed for autoshare‘s #discoverON program which we are so excited about and hoping they love us as much as we love the project! This happened at 8:30AM and B was coming from Whitby so we were up EARLY. 

Before B went back to Whitby, I’d sleepily forgotten my lunch at home and decided to go out. At that moment, B called saying he was outside my work and so we went for lunch together! Well, I went for lunch and B kept me company. It was an incredibly gorgeous day (+12 C, I think) and walking with him in the Annex reminded me of those first days when we met last May and he would meet me at lunch. We’d get froyo and salads and sit in little parks and chat. I was so nostalgic and overwhelmed by happiness; I can say the feeling was a brand new one and I wanted to hold on to it so tightly. I can’t wait to do this again. There was a ray of sunshine on this date, literally and figuratively. It’s since snowed buckets and is back to -30 something wind chills. HOW?

B: I’m happy we got this lunch in when we could. A was complaining about her stomach so I wanted to bring her some home-made kombucha. I’m happy she picked up the phone (I called twice). Walking around was great and we went to a book store and I got Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Tiny Book of Tiny Stories.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the #discoverON program, as it would mean more adventures for A and I and more stories and great pics for you (we may ask you to plan a trip for us). I can’t wait for the weather to warm up so we can do that type of thing more.

Garage sale + Art in Elora + The Bookshelf – Date #55 – September 1, 2013

B: A wanted to have a garage sale to prepare for her move so I woke up real early (despite getting to her place at 2am after a 13 hour work day). I was sooooo tired, but sitting outside and talking to her neighbours was actually a lot of fun. I helped clean up and then took a nap before we drove to see my art installation in Elora. A has never seen any of my art installations in person and I was super nervous. things went really well though and she seemed super impressed, until of course we got rained out of our picnic 🙁

We watched Breaking Bad and did some other stuff 😉 waiting for the rain to go away. It didn’t and so we drove to The Bookshelf, this sweet independent bookstore/cafe/movie theatre in Guelph. I refused to go in because I thought A was snapping at me so she came back after going to the bathroom and told me the place was “her favourite bookstore,” and so we went back in together and had the most amazing apple crumble pie and an espresso from Moon Beam (A’s favourite coffee shop).

everything about that day was amazing and all I could think about the entire time was how I want to make a life with A.

A: B is so cute in his descriptions of life and events and happenings. The rain was beautiful. I felt like I was in the Titanic car scene cause the windows all fogged up and it was hard to breathe (I imagine Jack and Rose has difficulty breathing in there). Unfortunately our car scene wasn’t as sensual or steamy (if you know what I mean) but we did watch Breaking Bad until B’s iPad died so that was…steamy. Steamy as in great. I’m am totally into that show.

B’s installation was great as well. It made my heart so warm to read tag after tag thanking the artist for putting together a piece so inspiring and full of life (no pun, despite the tags being tied to a tree). I can’t imagine all the ways in which B’s heart and mind will affect and change this world. He is seriously something really great.