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Healing practices, OITND, + National Doughnut Day

Date #304 – Friday, June 6, 2014

A: It wasn’t until we were back at my apartment and well into Orange is the New Black that I realized it was Lua’s 8th birthday AND also National Doughnut Day. Because of all this we promptly left on a search for doughnuts. Unfortunately my neighbourhood is hurting for two things: an abundance of coffee shops and bakeries. There’s basically nothing and, no, we do not count Starbucks, Country Style, Tim’s, blah blah. We don’t count those. But today we had to.

And I know I want to blame B for being a horrendous influence by saying over and over that “I never used to eat ANY doughnuts before I met Brian” (which is TRUE)…. but it’s more likely this thing called self-control. That. I don’t have that. Any advice on how to get some would be great.

B: I could blame my on-again-off-again doughnut obsession on my Dad, but like A said, it’s about self-control. I was feeling sad for myself and my accident so of course I used National Doughnut Day to indulge!

If we were in my neighbourhood (Little Italy) I could visit an array of local bakeries, but we weren’t and we were only able to find Country Style. We started watching Orange is the New Black and I have to say the first few episodes were disappointing, unfocused, and drawn out. Multiple times I noticed how shots went on to long and many scenes were simply people standing around talking. Luckily, the doughnuts were pretty good.

1/2 beeeday!

Date #274 – Thursday, May 1, 2014

A: Yes. I celebrate my 1/2 birthday. I turned 26.5 today and B totally forgot. Actually I saw him after midnight and he gave me this half bag of nibs to make up for it. But it wasn’t just half the bag of nibs… he cut each nib in half. I think that’s amazing!!! I loved it. I ate them all when I got home. It was wonderful.

B: What’s weird is that I sort of remember forgot. OK, maybe I’m trying to save myself here. I woke up and thought “Hey, I need to get Andrea a Half-Birthday gift” and then I thought I had until Saturday, which is when her party would be happening. So…..I knew I had to cut some Nibs. 

Double Mom Birthdays!

Date #217 – March 8, 2014

A: I was really nervous for this dinner but it was solely due to my own control issues and insecurities that I know now I should keep to myself. I have never had a parent-parent dinner. It’s weird. It went well and both our moms said they had a good time. I think the funniest moment was B’s mom’s reaction to my mom saying, “Oh yeah, it’s true love,” referring to me and B. B’s mom’s eyes widened. My mom has a checklist of things she wants and has always pressed me to come through for her. This is the first time I haven’t wholeheartedly fought her on it and I think it gives her a sense of clairvoyance. She is also a positivist; if you think that it is, then it is… or maybe it’s the wine that makes her this way, haha. 

B: I was nervous about this dinner too. We ate at Le Saint Tropez, which had OK food and an amazing piano player.

Our parents have met, but people can be particular about birthdays and dinners are another bag of tricks. I did really want A’s Mom to come, and when A’s Mom protested for a bit I convinced her to come – I think she was nervous too. It was a lot of fun and definitely eased the tension a bit (even when my Mom criticized me for rolling my cuffs). I’m glad our parents get along.

Packers losing their playoff game boooohoo – Date #163 – January 5th

A: My team lost 🙁 and that’s all I’ll say.

We had a nice morning. B worked on his podcast and I did… something. I don’t know. It was a Sunday. (I am so happy to just have Sundays now. B and me, doing whatever is sweatpants. On our computers. Reading. Eating clean. Coffee. Having a chat. Having a pint at the bar around the corner. It’s so awesome! Does this mean I’m old now?)

B: I was working on the latest episode of Academy of Lions Radio and, at least I think, it’s a good one. It features some of the best Olympic Weightlifters who have every lived. I like that I can work on something that requires so much concentration around A and feel comfortable.

I really wanted to watch the Wildcard game between San Francisco and Green Bay. Unfortunately, when I searched “best places to watch football in Toronto,” I forgot to recognize some of those results may mean what many in North America call “Soccer.” So, A and I ended up at a very rough English “Football” watering hole. The regulars were not impressed.

A’s friend had to deal with being impolitely hit on (the man was at least 30 years older and visibly drunk) and we heard at least a few people remark “What the fuck is this on TV?!?”

I stil had a great time ignoring all that and getting in to the game. It was a good one (even though the Packers lost).

B’s b-day surprise – Date #162 – January 4th

A: I. Love. Birthdays. Especially if they’re not my own. I can’t wait to throw birthday parties. For this one, I didn’t go as all out as I would have liked due to monetary reasons, but it was fun. I wasn’t even sure if B wanted a party until the Friday night when he was texting his lovely friend Marla and said, “Should I…. have a birthday get together?” I thought, “PHEW. He’s considering a gathering. This is good.” I told him I had planned a date Saturday night and it would just be us two so to think about having people get together Sunday. I wasn’t overly supportive though. Ha. Ha. Jokes on him, I thought.

Anyway, everyone was late except for a two people whom I love (Patrick and the aforementioned Marla who I actually just met when she knocked on the door). It was good though. B put on a million layers because I told him we were going outside so that made me laugh. It was such a nice night. I love having people over. I find it hard in Toronto, maybe because I haven’t been here for very long, but also because all my friends are SO BUSY. 

I felt very lucky, though. Seeing everyone and socializing and laughing and spying on my neighbours and playing with my cats and having good, honest conversations was so relaxing and fun. Sometimes I can’t believe I have that here… in Toronto. I guess because I haven’t entertained in so long, I thought maybe I was rusty. But B and I both have such great, funny, welcoming, and funny (yeah I said that but they are) friends. And I think B was happy. That makes me happiest above all.

B: I had no idea what to expect. Skating? A Show? Dinner? I went to my place and then back to A’s after shooting Kevin Drew’s new music video bundled up and ready for just about anything. A was working away in the kitchen when she asked about melting chocolate, so I figured, “hot chocolate and ice skating.”

Then the doorbell rang!? And I thought, “Oh great, another solicitor.” But it was our friend Patrick! I was so happy because I didn’t expect to see anyone around my birthday (I never do). He said he was just passing through on his way to visit a friend. Sitting, talking to him, I thought about how my childhood friend Marla asked me if I was doing something for my Birthday and how, now, I wish I was.

THEN MARLA ENTERED THE ROOM!!!! More and more people showed up with love and gifts and smiles. It was fantastic. A made a tone of food and basically contacted all of my friends. Even later in the week people who couldn’t come out would come up and ask how my birthday went!

Later we ended up at a sweet bar with a secret drawer and secret notes. I had read about this online and was stoked to be there. The whole night felt amazing and not at all like my usual blasé attitude around birthdays. Thank you A, my family and friends for making this birthday so fantastic!!

Mad Men all the time – Date #159 – January 2nd

A: This photo was taken on the 3rd at B’s but he gave me the coffee on the 2nd. I was so excited. Or wait. Did he give me the coffee on the 3rd? Some things are so trivial but I feel they must be accurate despite my horrible memory. I blame all the pot I smoked in grade 11 and 12 for every shortcoming I have and that’s what I’m doing now.

We watched Mad Men this night and chilled out after doing our own thing all day. I said, “Happy birthday!!” as we watched. We minimized the full screen Netflix player and saw it was only 11:58PM. “Two more minutes!!” I said as I snuggled into B’s armpit. And only two more minutes until I was asleep. No happy birthdays at midnight because I’m a sloth. Sorry B!

B: I remember A falling asleep and thinking “I know she is going to care more about falling asleep 2 minutes before my birthday than I will.” I was looked at A, asleep, and thought about how happy I was (and am).