AGO Fail

Date #203 – Feb 18, 2014

B: I was meeting A at the AGOĀ to check out their Great Upheaval exhibition. Unfortunately the AGO was closed šŸ™ We walked home and then I did some work while A made an amazing salad and watched House of Cards (she hasn’t even finished Season 1!!)Ā 

We joked around a bit and said some nice things to one another and I felt really happy.

A:Ā And I made paleo chocolate chip cookies – yum yum yum yum yum. We didn’t even eat them all which was a shock and a treat ‘cause I got to eat some for breakfast the next day.Ā 

I really wanted to look at art. I get so antsy sometimes that I feel this erraticĀ needĀ to be in a gallery. It’s calming and inspirational and, especially after our time at the MoMA, I really wanted to look at art with B.

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