A gets sick and B gets busy

Date #189 – Feb 4, 2014

B: A was feeling sick and went home from work early. I was troubleshooting some tech issues with a client but I promised to come over after and take care of her. As the Crossfit Games are coming up soon, I headed to Academy of Lions to do a strength warm-up followed by Metabolic Conditioning:

  • Strength: 3 snatches at 70% of one-rep-max (85lbs) every minute, on the minute, for 12 minutes – 36 total
  • MetCon: 10 Double-Unders, 10 sit-ups, as many rounds as possible for 10 minutes (I did 17 rounds)

When I got to A’s I brought some coffee to grind for her (she doesn’t have a grinder) and I did some work on this blog. The next morning we drank said coffee and it was great. A seemed to be feeling a bit better.

A: Mentally and physically in the dumps this season. I went my entire life not getting sick and now I’m contantly coming down with something. Boourns. I hope everyone is taking care of themselves. My personal favourites are oil of oregano (see our hardcore fix here) and paleo chocolate chip cookie treats (both of which we’ve discussed before, but here is the recipe again!).

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