Paleo Cookies and Restlessness

Date #184 – Jan 30, 2014

B: A came over after the gym and we were both in a playful mood. I was very tired from an intense workout:

  • 3 sets of 15 Push Presses @ 85lbs
  • 1 Turkish getup every minute for 12 minutes @ 16kg
  • 20 Kettlebell swings @ 28kg + jump rope for remaining time – every minute for 4 minutes

A was so bubbly there was a definite contrast in energy levels and because of that everything involving food took forever. It wasn’t bad, just hilarious at how poor we both were at making decisions.

We made stemmed broccoli covered in melted cheese (aged cheddar). Then A went to get some snacks and I stayed to make Paleo chocolate chips cookies – here is the recipe.

After A wanted to try and finish Season 5 of Mad Men, so I obliged. We had a really good conversation where we both observed that we’ve done more artistically in this relationship than any other period of our lives. I remarked at how I was thinking earlier that many of my fears about creating have disappeared and how that is because of A and how I just accepted feeling that way. I think we’ve slipped in to this and that’s amazing and special and we need to make sure to recognize and appreciate that.

A’s knee was hurting her so she fidgeted around a bunch and it was bothering me for some reason and I said something and A said, “I’m a fidgeter, I will always be one, so that means you’re going to have to get used to it.” I thought about this, and when I felt overwhelmed I left the room and thought some more. I realized that my being bothered has nothing to do with A, but it has to do with myself and my feelings.

I came back and said, “I love you and you never bother me. Things you do may bother me, but because I love you that’s for me to deal with.”

The next morning we both woke up super happy. We hugged each other a lot and drank some good coffee made in an aeropresse.

A: B left out the part where I ate practically an entire bag of party mix after eating the cookies. YESSSSSSS.

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