Art hangover – Date #117 – November 9, 2013

A: I don’t know why the photos are sideways. Computers hate when I tell them what to do. Maybe, if this all sounds strange, B will have fixed them. He tends to do that to my world. It’s slightly askew and he keeps it tilting back to a level position. Sometimes I don’t want that so we butt heads but that’s that. Today we went for brunch at the cafe across from where B lives. It’s so gd delicious.  I want it now. Toasted baguette instead of bread. Oh god. Drooling.  We were buzzing all day after Disposable. It was foggy but incredibly positive energy.

B: I did fix them. A knows that I can be very detail oriented and obsessive. This breakfast was AMAZING!!! I ate an omelette, salad, waffles (made of almond flour. woo!) and then half of A’s breakfast. I told her I “Ron Swansoned” the thing. The restaurant was, named after Easy Rider. 

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